The experts at GDM Interiors are decoding the trends that will be big 2021

Life as we know, it has changed. The way we work, eat and shop has seen a massive transformation. The changing nature of work is the catalyst for commercial office fit out trends. As we start a new year in this COVID era, we believe the key to forecasting trends in commercial fit out is an understanding of how the world of work is changing around us. In a more multi-faceted and digitally connected world, companies are being forced to develop and compete in a rapidly changing environment. Agility and flexibility are critical components of growth. Technology is altering the tasks and duties of employees. Companies are increasingly automating many routine tasks, leaving humans to take care of more valuable “knowledge work”. At the same time, employee needs and wants from their job have changed.

People want to be engaged in meaningful tasks, in a hospitable and healthy environment that provides flexibility and a better work/life balance. Overarching all these developments is an increasing concern with the health and safety, sustainability, and resource preservation. Companies are already being asked to account not only for their bottom line but for these factors. Commercial fit out trends develop from year to year, but there is rarely a fundamental disjuncture, rather change is cumulative. This year is all about the disruption of traditional economic models, building sustainable environments, using efficient technology and implementing wellness measures.

Energy-saving LED lighting used in the office

Health and safety will be paramount

From having furniture that is spaced apart from each other to the installation of screened cubicles, the theme for commercial fit out this year will move from collaboration to silo creation. We also see the emergence of dedicated zones for web conferencing as the workforce is now dispersed geographically or working remotely. This necessitates the presence of better IT infrastructure as well as workspace flexibility to adapt to these unique working conditions.

Technological innovations will thrive

Every aspect of our lives has been touched by digitisation. But technology does not simply mean to be connected anytime and anywhere. In commercial spaces such as offices, co-working zones and malls there are many ways that technological innovations can simplify work and improve wellness and well-being. The future of fit out includes remote monitoring, 3D visualisation and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR). Some of the latest tech tools include wireless access points, network login data, phone apps, and sensors. For example, automatic sensors can control lighting and A/C and provide information on water and energy usage. This data help reduce costs while saving energy.

Workspace built with recycled and sustainable material

Sustainability in design and materials

As a global citizens, we’re becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the environment. Businesses need to do even more to reduce our carbon footprint and build a more sustainable future. So, it’s no surprise that sustainable design practices and materials are a huge commercial fit out trend of 2021. Sustainable fit out for us encapsulates three main areas – using green building materials, managing resource consumption and safe disposal of wastes. Moreover, sustainability was at the forefront of our minds while planning all our projects. We focus on using raw, clean materials and worked closely with the existing building to limit the need for virgin materials. In addition, we also recommend energy saving lights and fixture for our projects.

As we move into a new year, after one that has been tumultuous to say the least, we can say without a doubt that safety, sustainability and technological advancement will be the key trends that will shape the fit out field this year. Being one of the leading fit out contractors in the United Arab Emirates, we are dedicated to provide only the best service to our clients. Get in touch today to discuss how to integrate the latest fit out trends into your project in a sustainable way.