Danube Home is setting a new standard for home kitchens. Apart from the stellar range of products, Danube Home also offers a Design and Develop service that helps customers design their dream kitchens, from scratch.

The brand offers free kitchen designing and consultation services. The in-house design team starts with an initial consultation with the customer, to understand their specific requirements in order to design a seamless workspace. Danube Home then works with interior designers and site engineers to create a 3D design of the intended kitchen so clients can visualise their future space and make necessary edits. Once the design is finalised, the team begins the execution to bring the vision alive.

The expert Danube Home design and development team work with a wide variety of kitchen styles and can recommend the ideal solution based on the available space – from islands, to parallel and U-shaped kitchens and more. Customers can also choose from a variety of natural or modern finishes like Melamine, Lacquer, Acrylic, and PVC depending on their specific tastes. Danube Home products are affordably priced and our design team is expert in working within budgetary and time constraints.

To make the process even easier, Danube Home offers the option of kitchen designs that come with built-in appliances like refrigerators, ovens, stove, chimneys, dishwashers and washing machines so customers can maximise the use of their kitchens. What’s more, all Danube Home Kitchens come with a warranty of up to 30 years so customers can be assured that Danube Home is just a call away in case of any issue and your kitchen will remain perfect for a long time.