(Left) – Jacqueline Visser – Business Owner & Partner
(Middle) – Cindy Liebenberg – Business Owner & Partner
(Right) – Jumarie du Toit – Artist

Jumarie Made From Heart is distinctive for a number of reasons, including its designs, which are one-of-a-kind and artistic.

Certain things you do from the heart and everyone around you adores them. When artist Jumarie du Toit, business owners and partners Cindy Liebenberg, and Jackie Visser joined forces to launch Jumarie From The Heart, they knew they had struck the right chord with art-inspired home décor enthusiasts. In the midst of the tremendous challenges of 2020, these three amazing ladies started on a journey that gave birth to Jumarie From The Heart. Their goal is to offer exceptionally beautiful art to all corners of the globe, and they want to share Jumarie’s artworks witha bigger audience in a new way.

Jumarie du Toit is a South African fine artist based in Namibia who paints the energy and beauty of her remarkable native country. She makes living spaces and special occasions even more special with her remarkable skills, inspired by her memories of fields of wildflowers in South Africa and times of tea around her grandmother’s table. The artist’s passion and exuberance is reflected in the brand name, which she incorporates into each piece of work. The brilliant trio aspires to be a market leader in terms of interior design inspiration, purpose, and influence. The firm is well aware that while style evolves over time, exclusivity and quality remain constant. They combine the unique hand-painted art from Namibia’s heartland, with its hefty dose of Kalahari influence, with fine Indian textiles and excellent craftsmanship to produce luxury objects meant to be treasured for a lifetime. They take pride in dealing with the finest materials sourced from India. These textiles are expertly knitted to exact requirements in order to be as long-lasting and gentle on the skin as possible.

The brand offers items such as table runners, aprons, pillow covers, art canvases, and printed fabrics. The brand utilises recycled, repurposed, and eco-friendly materials for the gorgeous tube packaging. Giving back to communities is one of the company’s most important missions. They help in whatever way — they train, teach, coach, and mentor the impoverished and/or younger generation to achieve financial independence; one soul at a time. They want to help each individual develop, grow, and manage their own successful online businesses. Clearly, their hearts are in the right place, and their items are lovingly created.