Design Forum returns for its second edition on March 20, 2019 in Dubai. The Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) is a hub to awe-inspiring structures, outstanding designs, and creativity beyond words. Last year, Dubai became the first city in the Middle East and 24th in the world to be appointed a UNESCO ‘Creative City of Design’. Dubai will be hosting the biggest show in its history, Expo 2020 will bring together more than 190 countries and will give them a platform to showcase their creativity, innovation, and partnership globally. With more and more nations now revealing their unique pavilion themes and content plans, all this put Dubai right up on the world map of design and architecture.

Last year, more than 250 attendees and over 20 speakers participated in our first forum. The Design Forum 2019 is an exciting platform to trigger design conversations, interact with industry leaders and network amongst peers. The forum will feature interactive panel discussions and presentations. Tapping into the region’s current trends, the forum will include industry experts with their opinions on the topics which matter today:

Panel discussions:
*How millennials’ approach to design is different from the previous generation?
There’s a different way in which millennials make spaces, occupy, and even use them. They are determined and aspire to experience things in a very different way compared to previous generations. They have seen rapid technological advancements, social media boom, economic and global change, their attitudes, behaviours and indeed their expectations are different to those who came before them. How all this defines their idea of effective design and a complete structure. Let’s find out!

*Are we aiming for human-centric designs?
Whatever we design, it’s for the people! The end-users are not abstract ‘users’ those are real human beings who will use and interact with the final product. Design interventions and structures, material used, lighting, furniture, and other technological advancements can attribute to human health. In fact, the elements of biophilia, parameters such as temperature, humidity, and air are all part the larger environment we live in. So, are the design leaders really producing human-centric designs?

*How healthcare design is more than just aesthetics?
There’s a sudden shift of the design industry towards the healthcare sector now. Leading firms are coming forward and delivering quality designs that enhance the guest and patient experience. The idea is to create a design that has a positive environmental impact directed toward holistic healing. There should be a harmony between a design that favours the patient-centric approach and an employee-centric design is necessary to ensure the output of work is not affected. Are we creating well-designed healthcare environments?

Striking a perfect balance between lighting and architecture
Lighting plays a major role in architecture and design. Whether it’s the natural light or with an artificial medium, lighting allows us to appreciate our buildings, understand, and relate them in a better way. There has to be a balance between lighting and architecture based on its functions, benefits, efficiency, and design aesthetics. Are the buildings reaching that successful balance in the region? This presentation will highlight the above aspects and more.

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