Oliver Goettling, founder and MD of Goettling Interiors, talks about the kitchen trends that are here to stay for long

The design industry and market of Dubai are emerging to a more mature and solid landscape especially over the past two decades. As of today, a rising number of buyers are having higher spending capacities and an even higher demand for avant-garde products. This is a trend wave that designers and manufacturers are surfing on. Not just them, the government too, is exceedingly keen on developing a section of the economy that is driven by creative offerings for the consumer market to get excited about. There is exponential progress in the UAE to achieve this design-driven economy. This is affirmed by the successful run of multiple notable design exhibitions that witness a rising influx of buyers from all over the world. The development of the design community indicates international brands opening doors, involving partnerships, and offering employment. At the end of the day, the idea is to enhance the lifestyle of clients. There is a need to mention the uncanny yet unavoidable trend of “Instagrammability” that makes us ponder whether spaces are designed for social media or for people to inhabit and experience. Especially for commercial spaces, this is a design checkbox that needs to be ticked. This reflects how the culture of social media affects the designing process.

Oliver Goettling

Sustainability has become rather a responsible and conscious expectation than just a catchword. Our company carefully chooses the brands that uphold the virtue of certified environmentally friendly production line and end product. Natural authenticity is also making its way into the design enquiries, with more homeowners wanting the presence of natural materials like wood and exposed stone in their interior design. Kitchen Design and its effect on daily lifestyle: Expo 2020 motto of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, is an idea that the design industry has been actively involved in. Continuous innovation in industrial design and design solutions are making lifestyles increasingly efficient and convenient. The visual concept of privacy has truly broken down and has opened larger arenas for designing. Open floor plan layout is the vogue word and this includes clear vision lines and unobstructed views from within a space. Kitchen now has become more like the heart of the house rather than just a secluded corner. Ergonomics is one of the principles for our designs.



Schüller Panel Garden

From appliances placed at optimum heights to using the knee height for push-to-open or close drawers, it ensures ease of operations without pulling a muscle while doing so. Design meets function in the form of Cube system. The concept is simple for this breakthrough product – less space, more function. It makes storage and organising an easy action by having everything within arms reach. Healthy living needs a design that supports this lifestyle and Schüller Panel Garden is here for that. The panel garden with integrated lighting helps herbs to remain fresh for longer—this makes a particular sense in darker parts of the kitchen. The lighting is controlled by a timer that leaves the light on for 14 hours and then switches it off for 10 hours. Thus, the freshness is well preserved without constant maintenance. After all, the design is in the details. When these details become lifestyle-conscious and functional-centric, we can have spaces that truly make the users’ life enabled, easy, and enhanced.