Interiors unveils a standout collection of statement pieces that reflect the top trends to welcome the new season. The desire for comfort and stability drove many of the decorating and design choices last fall, and similar themes continue to dominate interior design trends this year. As people continue to spend more time at home—this drives a strong desire to create spaces that reflect both visually and affectionately, the desire for warmth, sustainability, and individuality.

Bold colours and earthy tones:

Neutrals have taken a bit of a back seat in 2022 with consumers starting to experiment with colour again, but the palette will stay very close to hues found in nature. Browns and greens open up an array of possibilities for your home, making raw materials stand out and enveloping a room with a warm sense of cosiness. Like the Over Sofa from Scappini Home’s NEXT collection is characterised by its asymmetrical design and Italian inspiration, featuring a captivating range of colours and textures that lends every room an elegant atmosphere. This sofa’s upholstery boasts rich fabrics and bold colours that enhances its shape and character, making it an exquisite piece for any home.

Dark wood furniture:

Dark wood furniture works with any decorating style, whether shoppers opt for a vintage or modern ambience in their homes. Offering an organic and neutral foundation, deep toned furniture serves as a great canvas to experiment with rich colour and bold patterns, that highlight the wood’s natural grain pattern.

Basket style woven elements:

A versatile design feature that adds texture, warmth, and natural elements to a space effortlessly. With more creative home accessories made with wicker accents, this trend serves as an exciting decor choice that transcends typical coastal and farmhouse interiors.


Angular, geometric shapes that were popular in interior design and architecture are steadily being replaced by softer, wavier lines. In 2022, arcs and curves are popping up across furniture collections owing to the collective desire for comfort with rounded forms inherently feeling softer and more calming than sharp angles and straight lines.

Home offices:

Home offices continue to be of significance in 2022, with the ever-increasing demand for functional spaces that allow for maximum productivity and comfort. Robust tables with storage space, comfortable chairs, and organic accents are key to creating the perfect home office.