Why put down your feelings in words when you can express them with flowers? With the LEGO® Botanicals Collection you can do just that. These captivating sets of plants and flowers, lovingly crafted from ingeniously designed LEGO bricks, are guaranteed to light up every room and add a touch of glamour to every special occasion.

Rula Tayara, owner and co-founder of the Dubai-based tablescapes specialist Tableau, is a strong believer in the power of artificial floral creations. Far from being an aesthetic compromise or cut-price alternative, she believes they can make an artistic statement all of their own. And in the case of the LEGO Botanicals Collection, made as they are from LEGO bricks, there is as much joy to be had in the building as the finished article, she explains.

“Flowers are the universal language of love, celebration and sympathy, but we don’t always need freshly cut flowers to convey these emotions. Nowadays artificial flowers are often as convincing as the real thing and when combined with natural flowers, they can enhance the interior décor of one’s home, transform a dining table, and enliven a corporate event.”

The LEGO Botanicals range can be arranged to match any style, taste or gifting occasion. But which collection should one choose? Here, we give the lowdown on each of these lovingly-designed adults-focused sets.

The LEGO Flower Bouquet: A Burst of Colourful Creativity

The LEGO Flower Bouquet is a vibrant celebration of some of nature’s most exquisite blooms. It allows builders to craft a floral creation in a kaleidoscope of colours that will never wilt. Ideal for those with a penchant for interior design, this bouquet adds a touch of elegance to any space. It’s the perfect present for housewarmings or home décor aficionados.

The Wildflower Bouquet: Nature’s Untamed Beauty Captured in LEGO bricks

The Wildflower Bouquet embraces the allure of nature’s wild blooms. With its array of unique flowers, this set captures the natural diversity found in meadows and fields. Builders can let their creativity run wild as they arrange these vibrant blossoms in endless configurations. Perfect for those who have a deep appreciation for the beauty of the great outdoors, the Wildflower Bouquet brings a touch of the wild into any living space.

Dried Flower Centrepiece

The Dried Flower Centrepiece captures the enduring beauty of dried blooms, a reminder that even in their faded elegance, flowers hold a unique charm. This set pays homage to the art of preservation, allowing builders to create a stunning centrepiece that will stand the test of time.

Evoking cherished memories, the Dried Flower Centrepiece reminds us that beauty can be found in every stage of a flower’s life cycle. An excellent choice for rustic-themed weddings or nature-inspired gatherings.

Orchids: Elegance and Grace

Orchids hold special significance in various cultures. In China, they symbolize integrity, nobility, and friendship. In Japan, they are associated with purity, grace, and the Samurai’s code of honour. In Victorian England, collecting orchids was considered a symbol of love and passion, while in ancient Greece, orchids stood for beauty and refinement.

While arid regions such as the Arabian Gulf have no indigenous orchids, thanks to the LEGO Botanicals collection, one can now own an exquisite orchid all-year round, or gift one to friends, relatives and colleagues.

Cherry Blossom Bonsai Trees: Ephemeral Beauty

The cherry blossom embodies the Japanese culture of mono no aware, the deep appreciation for the strong emotions objects like flowers give rise to. Cherry blossom season is a national event in Japan, attracting millions of visitors to parks across the country for special viewing parties. The Cherry Blossom Bonsai, meticulously recreated in LEGO form, reminds us of this tradition and the ephemeral beauty of nature.

The LEGO Succulents: A Symphony of Greenery

The LEGO Succulents set is a charming medley of haworthias, agaves, and echeverias. Each brick-built succulent captures the essence of these hardy plants – a perfect gift for a variety of occasions.

LEGO Birds of Paradise: Crafting Exotic Excellence

The LEGO Birds of Paradise evokes the majesty of tropical rainforests. It captures the intricate detail of this iconic perennial plant, loved for its vibrant colours and unique shape. Through an artful arrangement of bricks, this LEGO masterpiece brings the allure of the tropics into your home.