Yahya Kaddoura is an award-winning architect, urban designer, and researcher. With over 10 years of expertise in the MEA region, Yahya is leading and developing a diverse range of luxury and landmark developments across continents, including residential, commercial, hospitality, business parks, and mixed-use developments.

Yahya’s design and project leadership approach is motivated by pushing the boundaries through a collaborative think tank and collective design thinking process across many disciplines to create world-class projects with the most impactful, ideal design strategies and solutions.

The design thinking process is divided into various layers that shape the project fundamentals: human-centred design approach, cultural identity, sustainability, placemaking, contextual data influence, community needs, health and wellbeing, and future resilience.

Yahya was born and raised in Dubai and graduated from the University of Sharjah. He has watched and experienced the expansion of the UAE and the Middle East in placemaking, innovation, and chances beyond the box, which is an inspiration in and of itself. Some of his project highlights include the concept visioning of the Museum of the Future, the Grand Bleu Tower at Emaar Beachfront, the Dubai Drone Station, and the Netflix HQ in Korea.