Nikki Bisiker is the owner and lead creative director of Nikki Bisiker Interior Design. Nikki’s background is self-taught through passion, flair, and hands-on expertise gained over 30 years..

Nikki’s grandparents on her father’s side collected antiques, vintage gowns, gloves, hats, and fashions. And it was at this point that she became interested in materials, textures, and fabrics such as glassware, gorgeous wood finishes, silverware, silks, chiffons, satins, and various lighting techniques. Nikki didn’t realise how her gorgeous, one-of-a-kind surroundings would affect her until much later.

Her early schooling was strong in languages and business studies, which led her to a career in the restaurant and hotel industry. She was able to merge her passions for design, business, and people interaction in stunning luxury settings. She developed and operated a 160-seat restaurant and cocktail bar in Lymington on the British south coast, then a 45- room sporting hotel in the Welsh hills and a luxury barn conversion in Shropshire. It was the 1980s, and she was just out of her 20s!

Exposure to foreign languages also created a fascination in cultures and traditions far and wide. Whilst her stable upbringing in a happy, close-knit family contributed to her sense of how a calm, ordered and structured household can powerfully influence design concepts. Both these forces– travel and the psychology of the home – combined later to shape her unique design philosophy around the artistry and psychology of the home.

A new build residence at JUMEIRAH ISLANDS bringing the outside in. A very personalised home with a host of leisure spaces including an intimate cigar lounge, golf room and open lounge to the outside swimming pool ice bath and jacuzzi

In the 1990’s her business thrived with private commission to design luxury homes in Lyon France and super-yachts in Monaco. A much-loved Harley-Davidson motor-bike being one of her preferred modes of transport to take her from client to client!

In 2004, she brought her work together under the brand name Nikki B Signature Interiors. And moved the business to Dubai where property development was booming. She was tasked with renovating an antique farmhouse in Al Ain, an interior oasis city near the border with Oman. She then developed luxurious mansions in Dubai.

Design projects took her all over the Middle East as well as back to Europe and Russia. The company turned into an LLC the following year and started to create a strong team.

With a kaleidoscopic career that has taken around the world across four decades she has a work ethos that knows no boundaries.

And the secret to her resilience: “Patience, a sense of humour, co-ordination, time and project management and empathy with the client. A genuine passion for the creative arts, with a strong team fostering a work environment that sees long standing employees enjoying the environment and work process,” she says.