Rasha AlKady, a brilliant architect with 15 years of worldwide experience, is a shining example whose creative genius and imaginative spirit continue to influence the very fabric of our existence. With a master’s degree in sustainable design of the built environment and expertise in culture preservation and sustainability, Rasha has crafted a remarkable odyssey. From the gleaming cityscape of Dubai to the historic streets of London and the artistic haven of Milan, Rasha has left an indelible mark on international landscapes, creating spaces that inspire and captivate.

The world of design celebrated Rasha’s exceptional prowess with the prestigious A’ Design Award, solidifying her place among industry luminaries. Her unwavering dedication brought further recognition through triumphs in both Arabian and International Property Awards. Rasha’s commitment to sustainability led to certification as a LEED AP, transform ing spaces into havens of health and productivity.

Her immense talent has revolutionised museums, organising the operational master plan and designing the stunning user experiences at the awe-inspiring Grand Egyptian Museum, infusing new life into Egypt’s cultural gems.

Her ability to navigate the two worlds of corporate and non-profit organisations with delicacy and grace sets her apart. On the one hand, she excels in delivering excellence in profitable megaprojects. On the other side, she immerses herself in the world of NGOs and cultural organisations. She has worked closely with UNESCO, Basel University, Google Arts & Culture, Dubai Culture, Artichoke, Balich Wonder Studio, Factum Foundation, Tangerine, KCA London, Laboratorio Rosso, and The Aimes. She also proudly serves as a board member at Cairo Design Week, a vibrant carnival celebrating Egypt’s design luminaries.