For the past decade, Marco Tedeschi has been at the helm of Smart Renovation, steering it towards a trajectory of unrivaled success. Under his visionary leadership, the company has embarked on a plethora of awe-inspiring design and build fit-out projects, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of modern architecture.

As a CEO, his capacity of dealing with numbers, strategy and the innate affination towards design is a perfect combination for the job. Smart Renovation is the result of many years of marketing and financial management experience combined with a passion for design. Marco Tedeschi has led the company with various fit-out projects over the previous ten years. The Villa Chanel, La Vie en Rose, Arabian Ranches Saheel Mediterranean Villa, and Meadows Villa 24 are among the significant recent constructions.

Modern Bogot√° This project involves the renovation of a villa specifically designed for a South American family known for their proactive involvement in business and cultural activities. The family holds a high level of culture and manages their business in alternative energy. With a spontaneous and down-to-earth nature, the design of the house is tailored to their preferences and lifestyle.

Smart Renovation is ushering in a new era in the design and construction business with continuing major residential projects with large additions in Dubai’s Victory Heights, Meadows, and Arabian Ranches.

What truly sets Smart Renovation apart is the enduring bond they forge with the clients. The promise of empathy extends far beyond the final brushstroke or nail driven; it’s a lifelong commitment to ensuring that the spaces they create continue to resonate with the heartbeat of those who inhabit them.

Having been at the helm of Smart Renovation for the last 10 years, Marco has been largely responsible for the firm today being recognised as a leader in the interior design fit out and refurbishment of massive residential projects across UAE. He develops and directs the implementation of business plans, aligning employees and creating strong relationships with key stakeholders.

Marco continues to raise the bar for quality execution on these specialist projects, for which Smart Renovation has become the goto fit-out business for many clients. He has established an exciting and creative staff passionate about producing and translating their idea into reality, determined to offer high-end tailor-made projects.