Stephen Taylor, Managing Director, KPS, UAE | Saad Said, Managing Director, RAM

In 1992, KPS was born out of a challenge. While travelling in the UAE, the founder, Kristian Petersson, stumbled across an opportunity that was too big to miss. The region’s largest telecom provider had just opened a new office and it needed to be furnished. Not sure where to start, or where this would lead, the founder got in touch with Kinnarps, the most successful producer of Swedish office furniture – but they weren’t interested. And that was KPS’s first challenge. But with a determined heart he persisted. He boldly asked Kinnarps, “Are you too busy to even provide an offer?” This sparked a response, and in the end, they finally got on board. The founder then submitted his quote to the telecom provider but unfortunately, he lost the tender.

Even with a failed tender, Kristian still looked on the bright side. Surely there were more opportunities like this in the UAE. He spent a few weeks learning how to select the best furniture, draw layouts and price projects. And it paid off, because shortly after, Kristian came across a project that would lead to the beginning of KPS. The first project was furnishing Dubai’s Economic Department. The founder was determined to do a great job and exceed expectations so that people would speak well of KPS. Project after project KPS raised the standard. It did better every time, continuing to grow the business and gaining expertise in different fields.

Every new project had different needs, and each was an opportunity to learn more to best serve the client. Adopting this approach led KPS to evolve from furnishing offices to becoming a design-led interior construction company that caters to all sectors. Retail, hospitality, education, innovation hubs, healthcare, residential, and entertainment – to name just a few. Thirty years after that first project in 1992, today the company has offices across Europe and the Middle East, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, and France.

In 1999, the company expanded to Saudi Arabia where it is branded as RAM Construction and has branches in Khobar, Jeddah, and its head office in Riyadh. RAM is headed in Saudi by Managing Director, Saad Said. 

As RAM and KPS lead the market, they make sure to stay on top by staying relevant and adapting to the changes in the industry quickly and efficiently. Just because “it’s always been that way” doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a better way. High levels of quality, consistency and flexibility appeal to clients who seek the same in their projects. These characteristics define the work, and RAM and KPS strive to maintain the same high standard.

NOZOMI, RIYADH A new five-star restaurant on King Fahed Road in Riyadh for Al Moajil Hospitality, adding to existing Nozomi outlets in Khobar and Jeddah. Size 2,000 sq/m Entrance design has a stunning stalactite cave effect made from 000s of metres of copper tubing.

KPS UAE Managing Director, Stephen Taylor, said: “If you asked what RAM and KPS has that others don’t, we would say it’s our interest in people. We value human relationships and aim to make every project personal. We do this by taking the time to understand each client and their business and work side-by-side with them to bring their vision and goals to life. At the end of the day, our business is human.” 

Today’s pressure of budget cuts, limited resources and restricted timeframes can make it challenging for clients to achieve their goals. RAM and KPS respects this and admires their determination to get projects done on time and within budget. When the company takes on a project, meeting these requirements is a commitment, whilst delivering quality and value. They are what drive RAM and KPS to be more innovative, to develop better solutions, to be incredibly dependable and efficient, and to seek out partners that are as adaptable as they are to assist with project delivery. RAM and KPS are available to their clients long after a project has been completed. They offer an infinite time of aftercare to ensure that everything works well.

In the words of RAM Managing Director, Saad Said: “By being there for our clients, we make a difference. We guide our clients through their projects with positivity. In the early stages we excite them about the potential their spaces hold. Throughout the process we keep them motivated when challenges arise. And we always demystify what we do, so that every client, even if they aren’t familiar with our industry, can follow along and enjoy the journey. As the market changes, bringing about new trends and innovations, our customers’ needs will constantly change as well.”

SMART SALEM, DUBAI KNOWLEDGE PARK The second smart medical fitness centre for residency/visa processing to be completed by KPS, after the first in DIFC, Index Mall last year. Area of 10,200 sq/ft.

RAM and KPS, believes in maintaining long-term customer relationships. These lifelong friendships, as they call them at RAM and KPS, have not only fuelled the company’s spectacular growth over the years, but have also ensured an unusually high share of repeat business. RAM and KPS have a global network, which is great for tapping into trends, innovations, and resources, as well as for clients with multinational operations. With 30 years of expertise, they are more determined than ever to deliver on time and with the best results. However, despite their size and reputation, RAM and KPS is still 100% privately-owned, which means the personal approach the company values in all its work is reflected in everything it does.

They have used the flexibility of this ownership structure to invest in leading-edge technology and training, and to use this technology-led approach to construction to innovate new and better ways of doing things. This includes everything from ASITE, to manage the company’s end-to end pre-construction, construction, and aftercare services; paperless HRIS systems to manage all HR functions online; and the use of hi-res 3D scans to manage client approvals on site.

These ‘Spaces of Opportunities’ as RAM and KPS calls them, have recently included workspaces for Saudi Company for Artificial Intelligence owned by PIF, Saudi Exim Bank, Bateel, Systra, Latham & Watkins, ADQ, Gulf Capital, D-Quarters in Dubai Science Park, Lockton Insurance and Procore; and hospitality projects for Nozomi, Nando’s, and the Radisson Blu group. Last year celebrated the group’s 30th anniversary, and during the last 12 months, RAM and KPS have had their most prolific year yet, with scores of projects completed successfully for its clients as the company looks forward to the next thirty years of growth and success.

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