H2R Design continues to craft spaces of significance, influence and soul with the launch of Made by Two, the newest extension of the luxurious café, “Two at Symphony” and fashion boutique store “Symphony”. Located within The Dubai Mall’s deluxe Fashion Avenue Extension, Made by Two is the next piece of the Symphony story, offering a sophisticated yet inviting destination where the art of chocolate truly comes alive.

As the interior design visionaries of both existing Two Café and Symphony concepts, H2R was tasked with continuing the brand’s evolution with Made by Two, all while allowing the chocolate boutique to embrace its own identity. With a goal to set the benchmark within the region’s chocolate retail market, H2R seamlessly extracted the DNA of the brand and added a contemporary, creative touch that allowed Made by Two’s art and form to shine through.

Walking into Made by Two creates an immediate connection to the umbrella brand with its signature brass accents and playful terrazzo stone elements. Two counters stand proud facing each other at the entrance, with their intent to welcome guests with the sights and smells of crafted chocolate artistry and floral fragrances. The curved counter on the left showcases meticulously crafted chocolates within a transparent display, while the counter on the right serves as a space for curating chocolate collections in glass cases with hand-stitched leather straps, complete with delicate floral touches. Hand-painted strokes and gold marbling seen on the chocolate creations, available in boxes from 12 to 96 pieces, mimic the overall design aesthetic of the space.

Continuing the journey, customers are greeted by elegant lounge clusters and plush seating in soft pastel colours, maintaining the feminine essence of Made by Two. One-line art on the walls function as an organic thread to the brand’s identity and script logo, accompanied by tailor-made pedestals to highlight the chocolate pieces and their beauty.

To help bring the space together, H2R reached out once again to international artist Alissa Coe to create an extension of the falling leaves sculpture, composed of delicate, hand-formed porcelain suspended from the ceiling. Additional design details throughout the space include wooden fins to create timeless architectural linearity and feature pieces such as coffee tables made from Indian Green Marble – all working together imaginatively articulate Made by Two’s personality while also embracing the existing Symphony brand.

Husain Roomi, co-founder of H2R Design said: “Creating an extension of an existing brand requires balance from both identity and design perspectives, and our team at H2R were dedicated to finding that sweet spot. It was important to remain true to Symphony’s roots, allowing Made by Two to stand side-by-side to its siblings while also shaping a space that could tell its own story. We are proud to have delivered this for Made by Two and believe that it continues the brand’s presence within The Dubai Mall.”

Photo credit: Alex Jeffries Photography Group