This year marks the brand’s 170th anniversary and introduces the next chapter of the Hästens story dedicated to drēmərs. Pronounced as “dreamers,” drēmərs are inspiring individuals who do more than just dream and go on living ordinary lives. drēmərs are awake to their inner greatness and make their dreams—small and large—a reality. To commemorate the occasion, Hästens launched the drēmər bed, designed by world-renowned interior designer Ferris Rafauli. In a class of its own, the drēmər bed embodies six generations of dreams, achievements, excellence, mission, and mastery.

Hästens continues its collaboration with Ferris Rafauli, whose signature elegance is expertly crafted into every element of the drēmər bed and impeccably crafted drēmər headboard. Meticulously hand built by Hästens master craftsmen in Köping, Sweden, the drēmər bed is beautifully upholstered with the unique woven fabric designed by Ferris Rafauli and based on the brand’s iconic horse insignia. It is the same fabric featured on the Grand Vividus, one of the world’s most exclusive and masterfully crafted beds, and there are four colours to choose from, Traditional Blue, Black Shadow, Natural Shale and Phantom Charcoal. Each check of the pattern is seamlessly aligned, a process that demands the utmost precision from the master craftsmen. At the foot of the bed is the uplifting phrase “drēmər, The Day Is Yours,” while the silver-plated brass nameplate on the bed base is etched with “drēmər” and the logos of Hästens and Ferris Rafauli. The drēmər headboard is a work of art and makes a statement in any bedroom. The velvet panels and side wings come in the same colors as the drēmər bed, are generously padded for exceptional comfort and finished with piping detailing that emphasizes the headboard’s alluring shape. The on lacquered wood legs designed exclusively for the drēmər bed and available in black and blue hues.

Hästens believes in the transformative power of extraordinary sleep and how it can help people create the life they dream of upon waking. That is why the company uses the finest wool, cotton, flax, premium Swedish pine, and horsetail hair with absolute precision to provide a sense of weightlessness and extraordinary sleep all at once. The drēmər bed and headboard exude uncompromising quality and design. They are an exceptional homage to Pehr Adolf Janson, the drēmər who founded Hästens and the six generations of drēmərs who have since played their part in shaping Hästens into the world-leading brand it is today.