As a continuous development under the slogan ‘your light style’, Creative-Cables introduces a new product dedicated, like always, to a wide audience: introducing EIVA, an innovation in outdoor lighting. EIVA is the first wirable IP65 rated lamp holder for outdoors that can be installed where required and is not already part of a ready-made finished product, ready for you to create what you need when you need it. This is the world’s first wirable IP65 rated lamp holder for open-air and wet environments.

The idea is innovative and simple at the same time, providing the possibility to create not one, but thousands of possible combinations of colourful, durable, practical and functional outdoor lamps to illuminate gardens, terraces and anywhere subject to moisture. By combining lamp holders, rosettes, finishes, colours and nominated lengths of cables, EIVA becomes the perfect proposal for residential and commercial use. Suitable for a house next to the sea or a cabin in the mountains, or bars and restaurants with outdoor spaces, it provides a safe solution resistant to all weather conditions.

Creative-Cables was founded in 2012 and is the brainchild of CEO Luca Novarino: A company which wraps electric cables with various fabrics and colours, and accompanies those varieties with a wide range of over 5000 accessories and components. An unprecedented change of perspective: with all the elements in reach, the customer becomes the designer of their own lamp following their own personal style.