Level 37, Emirates Towers is home to the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs Office in Dubai. The twin towers impressively take command of the city’s central business and commercial district and soar 350m above the gloriously landscaped gardens, lakes and waterfalls. Since construction, the towers have become the icons in the impressive cityscape. The building’s architecture boasts equilateral triangles throughout, the points of which represent the sun, earth and moon, which are prevalent in Islamic design.

The UAE government commissioned Kart Group to redesign the upscale offices of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs. The complex brief included considering the positive energies associated with Feng Shui and incorporating biophilic design to promote the employees’ health, well-being, and productivity. Kart Group was also challenged to visually showcase the elaborate architectural revolution while respecting ancient cultural heritage. Dubai is a world leader in the hospitality sector and has changed the face of the industry globally.

The office is responsible for supporting the government offices and the UAE’s constitution. Under Mustafa Khamash his creative direction Kart Group created a unique working environment that reflected this importance. Designers have playfully melded industrial styled metal grids, exposed industrial lighting and ceiling fixtures, concrete building structures and weathered wood with luxurious marble and multi-coloured accents within the workspace.

A naturally preserved tree represents the continuum of past and future connections by grounding its roots as an anchor for the country’s boundless development and growth. The clear, mirrored ‘pool’ in which it stands creates an infinite reflection. Biophilic nuances continue throughout the offices with a carefully curated collection of exotic plants, colourful modular wall plant pots and organic strawberry shoots that increase energy flow.

Dubai’s patriarchy figures and emblematic symbols proudly adorn the walls of the 37th floor. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan’s profile is a creative abstract portrait installation of gradient taupe colours designed to be visible from various angles.

The executive wing and majlis lounges are designed with luxury in mind. Opulent marble is combined with polished natural wood. The colour scheme notes the United Arab Emirates’ natural hues and nods to the cultural heritage that is so closely revered. In contrast, the staff areas are bursting with eccentric accent colours that inspire creativity. There are areas to relax and breakout rooms that are dedicated to enthusiastic brainstorming.