Once the COVID-19 pandemic gets over, there’s a unique place you must head to.  Upon exploring the complex of the Syntopia Hotel in Crete, Greece, it’s instantly evident this picturesque property is built from the ground-up as the perfect sanctuary for the wandering adventurer.

Sharp, clean lines dressed in organic timber textures and colours define the hotel’s aesthetic, while native Greek wood and wicker combine to coat the design with a classical finish. Together, these unique concepts provide guests with a contemporary, freeing atmosphere that glistens with the magic of nature and echoes with the timbre of a rich history. These concepts are never more potently evoked than in the guest rooms. Olive wood furnishings bring a deep rustic charm to each room, hand-crafted ceramic bathroom tiles exude an understated sophistication, while chic sisal baskets offer homely comforts, and traditional Cretan embroidered cushions ensure each guest enjoys the beauty of the local culture.

This naturally focussed architecture continues with the landscaped pool area. The pool itself is finished in micro-pebbles to cleverly mimic the kindest of seabeds, while decadent sun loungers and stylish cabanas surround the pool. However, the focal point that accentuates the beauty of the area – the real centrepiece – is the exquisite lounge tepee which sits by the middle of the expansive water. Bordered by lush, tropical foliage and cacti, you’ll find yourself in what feels like a peaceful waterside commune that seamlessly blends into its natural backdrop, bringing you both warm sense of community and harmony with the idyllic Cretan surroundings.