Jotun launches its new kid’s collection ‘Dear Earth’. The collection features an array of natural tones inspired by the vivid imagination of children.

The intention behind the ‘Dear Earth’ collection is to celebrate some of the amazing colours of the natural world and to encourage children to engage with the natural beauty around them in their everyday lives. It aims to ignite a child’s curiosity and help to a cultivate future generation that values and preserves nature.

Dreamy Desert, Eternal Ocean, and Forever Jungle are the collection highlights, with each theme created as a tribute to the lush landscapes and beauties surrounding earth, enabling children to bring the outside, inside and enjoy it in their own space.

Rana Khadra, Colour and Creative Manager, Jotun, Middle East, India and Africa, said: “Our earth is a sanctuary for all life, and every action has an effect that we need to be mindful of, as we continue to teach our children the considerations for the future. At Jotun, we believe that trends are inspired by a way of life or consumers’ needs. With the ‘Dear Earth’ collection, we wanted to bring nature home with every opportunity we could and create cozy spaces for children. We want to educate, fascinate, and inspire them to truly want the change the world needs.”