What was once home to six nuns, this young family wanted to transform their traditional Etobicoke home into an updated open concept house. Sansa Interiors knew that the best approach was to open up the interior to take full advantage of all the space they had available. Through this full home renovation in the heart of the Junction, we maximised their living space and gave their home a modern and timeless design. Like with any full house renovation, they encountered some of the challenges that arise when dealing with unique buildings and site conditions.

Since this home was built prior to 1979, the team prepared and the contractors for possible asbestos. After getting samples tested, waiting for the results, finding out that all the drywall samples tested positive for asbestos, and getting all of it professionally removed from the home – the team was finally able to break ground on this full house renovation. The space also needed a proper HVAC system in place and Sansa Interiors worked on this aspect as well.

The clients wanted to transform what used to be an outdated 1970’s Etobicoke nunnery to an open and inviting family home. Jude Kamal, founder of Sansa Interiors and her team thought that the best approach was to open up the interior to take full advantage of all the space they had available. As a young family, maximising their living space while delivering a clean and modern look, was a top priority.

With this modern, Scandinavian-like design, they were able to bring the fresh yet functional look that our clients were seeking and make this open space feel closer to the outdoors by using natural materials and earthy tones and finishes. The goal was to bring nature in and allow for an indoor-outdoor space that allows our client to expand their space beyond traditional boundaries. Having a cohesive concept, enabled us to bring a fresh yet functional home that our clients were seeking.

The very special consideration to this design was clients’ desire to create a space to honour their 9-year-old daughter who had passed away from a rare blood disorder. They designed a picture ledge to display all of Abbey’s adventures as a special way to remember the great memories that they shared.

In the living room, they built the fireplace wall to be the central statement piece – something you could immediately notice when you first walk in. The slatted wall acts as both a sculptural piece while also concealing the TV – creating depth and a three-dimensional area of focus.

At the staircase, we kept one of the original stained glass windows as a nod to the former design of the house. It now serves as a beautiful piece of art that brings in light and creates fun shadows on the steps on those sunnier days.

The team’s favourite part was creating grand moments like a large kitchen island, an open concept that makes the main level feel so fast, a custom fireplace feature wall with shelving, and lastly the large shower that has an ultra spa-feel.