RAIL is a new light track with integrated invisible audio technology and high performance lighting in one sensorial design element.

The RAIL is a 1.2m line of warm, homogeneous LED by NICHIA from Japan with full-range cone drivers. Designed by Tuscan manufacturers K-array, the RAIL comes with a host of options to adapt to a variety of needs and applications such as contemporary offices, hotels, retail, showrooms, residential projects, luxury yachts, and cruise ships.

RAIL provides a selection of direct light distribution:

*Symmetric, for light spread equally in all directions;
*Asymmetrical, for light directed to one side of the vertical plane;
*Mini Spot, for a fixed spotlight;
*Electrified Track, which are adjustable magnetic spotlights.

Indirect lighting is also available to provide a unique solution for integrators and designers when both quality sound and light are essential without compromise.