New York’s well-known coffee house Roasting Plant, launched its first UK location—London and 1,300 sqft coffee shop features branding and interiors by Kinnersley Kent Design. The welcoming, open interior invites customers to choose their own personalised blend of coffee beans—up to four different varieties in a single cup. The Javabot measures out freshly roasted beans to be ground and immediately brewed.

The designers refreshed the full brand identity, from the logo and storytelling approach to the packaging, uniforms, and coffee shop interior. Each aspect of the place has been carefully designed for flexibility so the concept can be tailored to future locations, with a strong core DNA that ensures that the brand remains consistent and recognisable to customers.

The new concept marries the ingenious Javabot with a warm, memorable, and personal customer experience. The design humanises the technology, celebrating the brand’s natural products and its people—from its customers to growers, engineers and coffee masters.

Jill Higgins, partner at Kinnersley Kent Design, said: “Focussing on the customer, we sought to create an environment that’s warm, accessible, and friendly. The branding and the interior design entertain, educate, and encourage sharing—whether it’s Roasting Plant’s coffee master recommending personalised blends, or customers sharing photos online. One of the best uses of in-store technology is to free staff to spend more time with customers, and that’s exactly what the Javabot does—while making perfect coffee and being fun to watch.”

The new brand identity is fresh, contemporary, and playful. A core part of the design language is the quirky illustrations that feature across the packaging and as an in-store mural. The welcoming interior design embraces state-of-the-art technology whilst bringing in warmth and texture. The earthy material palette features oak, tan leather, and porcelain tiles.