German brand, BORA is ready to take on the kitchen appliances market by storm. BORA is brought to the UAE market by Kitchen & Bath Gallery at Dubai Design District, the stunning state-of-the-art showroom is opening soon. BORA will be introducing a new technology for a smart and sleek extractor hood.

BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer

“Why can you not simply draw away cooking vapours from where they are created?” Eleven years ago, this simple-sounding question marked the start of BORA Lüftungstechnik GmbH by Willi Bruckbauer, a master carpenter from Rosenheim, Germany. His vision: the end of the extractor hood.

BORA Professional, which was the company’s first product to lay the foundations for the BORA principle in 2007, has now been perfected in terms of innovation, functionality, simplicity and the highest level of performance. The result is a genuinely self-contained system – a machine consisting of a cooktop, extractor, motor, duct, filter and wall sleeve: in this system, the cooktop and cooktop extractor communicate with each other. For the first time, the operating elements incorporate the system’s intelligence, making BORA Professional the most innovative development to date. BORA Professional is now also available as a plug & play version and as free-floating countertops with an installation height of 199 mm: a genuine world’s premiere.

With BORA Classic the second product range offers the ideal conditions for designing customised kitchens: it impresses with a streamlined appearance, high-quality stainless steel and the smallest installation dimensions, which even enable worktops with a depth as small as 600 mm.

BORA Basic, the third product range from the Bavarian manufacturer of innovative cooktop extractors, is the gateway to the BORA world – for any kitchen. It combines all the benefits of the established cooktop extractors with a compact format at an attractive, value-for-money price, without compromising on function or design.

BORA Professional filter cover flaps

The reason why BORA cooktop extractors are more effective than conventional extractor hoods is that BORA stops cooking vapours and odours from rising in the first place by extracting them from the place they are created. The concept is based on applied physics and the basic principles of fluid mechanics: the lateral flow is greater than the rising speed of the cooking vapour from pots and pans.