LINDBERG, the prestigious Danish eyewear brand redefining and elevating the conventional eyewear experience, is delighted to present the exclusive Buffalo Titanium and træ+buffalo collections in the Middle East. A charming combination of nature’s finest materials and superior craftsmanship, the collection captivates impressive detail through intertwining the finest natural buffalo horn with a distinct design approach.

Elegant and timeless, the premium and sustainable line features organic resources and materials that bring out individual nuances in colour and markings. Every frame holds a truly unique trait, and exhibits fascinating impressions. The eyewear also features arrays of natural colours of horn and wood that suit every skin tone for an exceptionally stylish appearance.

For decades, designers around the world have attempted taming nature’s most luxurious materials, and LINDBERG has succeeded in the challenge. Taking pride in the Danish workshop, expert craftsmanship and advanced technology, LINDBERG is able to create the slimmest, lightest horn-rimmed glasses in the world. At least 152 in-house processes are used to finish each pair of the buffalo titanium eyewear, with additional processes for the LINDBERG træ+buffalo, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

All LINDBERG eyewear is stripped of unnecessary elements such as screws, rivets or welded parts, for a minimalistic and stylish danish look. The inherent properties of the remarkable material used also retains the signature lightweight LINDBERG eyewear design, a visual statement to suit the discerning clientele.

Henrik Lindberg, CEO of LINDBERG comments: “Getting Mother Nature’s best materials to behave is no simple task, but we have never been interested in the easy solution. This collection presented us with an opportunity to push the technical boundaries of eyewear – the final result is an entirely unique and aesthetic combination.”

The eyewear is available in a range of styles, sizes and raw colours. Available across the region, LINDBERG eyewear can be purchased at Al Jaber Opticals and Magrabi Opticals in the UAE, Al Badr boutiques in KSA, Optica stores in Bahrain, Optica and Magrabi stores in Qatar and International Optique in Kuwait.