Middle Eastern reflections of the past, in a modern business hotel setting, is the highlight of Pearl Rotana Hotel Capital Centre in Abu Dhabi

In Middle Eastern culture, geometric shapes and repetitive patterns are used on decorative motifs, tapestry and buildings. An exploration of this arabesque style, amid a delicate manipulation of light, shadows and reflection, form the interior concept for the newly opened Pearl Rotana Hotel, designed by Miaja Design Group.

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi’s business district, the Pearl Rotana is a modern, luxurious business hotel. As you enter the exquisite hotel lobby, you are welcomed with strong, grounding architectural lines and the main art pieces ‘Tessellations I-IV.’

These impressive arabesque copper installations create a play between light and shadow, and ‘reflections’ of these geometric patterns become part of the design language of the hotel.

Throughout art history, the use of light and shadow has been revisited as a medium to create mood, tone and atmosphere. Contemporary artist James Turrell, who is known for manipulating light and shadow as both subject and medium said: “Light is not so much something that reveals, it is itself the revelation.”

Isabelle Miaja

A similar parallel can be made about Isabelle Miaja’s design. She comments: “The design is a reflection onto itself and becomes a new dimension.”

A combination of glass, stone, metal and wood finishes with earth tones create a natural elegance within the design. Subtle, flowing patterns reproduced on the walls, floors, fabrics and art pieces throughout the hotel, quietly echo the arabesque concept.

The movement, repetition and continuity of the shapes produce a new facet in the manipulation of materials and linear form. By the main counter in the lobby, luminous stainless steel sculptures by French artist Guillaume Roche are inspired by natural movement within the transformation of torn raw materials, and the contrast between raw and polished minimalist shapes.

The main guest rooms have sweeping views of the Capital Centre, while the premium rooms overlook the waters of the Arabian Gulf. Inside, the graceful décor is light, fresh and uncomplicated.

Stylish, comfortable furniture make the rooms a perfect space to relax and unwind, with the comfort of the best in-room entertainment, technology and connectivity. The ‘Club Rotana’ bedroom suites promise to elevate the travel experience. With lavish amenities and breathtaking skyline views of Abu Dhabi, they are a haven for exclusivity and tranquillity, a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

There are plenty of options to ignite the culinary interest of the guests, with beautiful restaurant design concepts to match.