The Lunatic Fringe by LW Design is a high-end hair and beauty salon with VIP appeal. The salon design includes quirky and eye-catching components to provide a fully distinct and unforgettable salon experience.

To create a feminine take on a members club, with bold and playful accents paired with subtle and soft elements, creating an exciting yet serene atmosphere for clients.

Stunning ribbed pink onyx wraps around the feature nail bar. Delicately detailed wall panelling runs throughout the salon, with subtle bronze metal inlays. Gorgeous vintage style oversized chandeliers feature in the main salon, with a quirky trellis wall panelling backdrop. Deep black panelling and a striking gold ceiling coffer bring drama to the VIP room.

Throughout the area, there is a strong sense of celebrating femininity in a very beautiful and sophisticated way. The gentle green wall panelling is accented by warm pink blush tones in the curtain fabric and banquette. The Lunatic Fringe aims to make women feel and look beautiful, and to leave them feeling distinct and confident.

Exact ergonomics were critical to ensuring that services were delivered effectively and that customers were comfortable during their treatments. LW Design intended to provide the utmost sense of well-being while also offering a completely distinct and unconventional experience. The designers were mindful of the short schedules and item lead times. Designers promptly provided feedback on several prototypes during the design process to keep the site moving forward.

Attention to detail was key, especially with the materials used. Designers ensured that all elements were rightfully considered. They retained a simple colour palette to keep the salon from feeling overcomplicated and busy. Soft green panelling and fresh mosaic marble flooring are offset with the warmth of the subtle pink stone in the onyx bar, bronze metal finishes and blush fabrics.

LW Design chose professional high-end salon furniture from Maletti and incorporated whimsical details like fringe detailing. The manicure/pedicure chairs were custom-made to meet the exact specifications of the service setup, with swivel manicure tables attached to the chairs’ arms. All additional furniture was constructed to order in order to offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

Photography: Natelee Cocks