North 51 Consulting announces the completion of an iconic project EL&N Yas Bay Abu Dhabi that brings vibrancy and innovation to the emirate’s culinary landscape. Natasha Abbas, Project Director of North 51 Consulting, oversaw the creation of EL&N Yas Bay Abu Dhabi, a gorgeous café that perfectly integrates art, gastronomy, and design

The team transformed the café into an Instagrammable paradise that catches hearts at first glimpse, working with Nikki Bisiker Interior Design, who designed the café from pre-concept through final detail design, and Blue Camel Design, who undertook full interior fit out of the works.

EL&N Yas Bay Abu Dhabi is a haven for coffee lovers and Instagram enthusiasts alike. With its distinctive pink hues, captivating design elements, and meticulously curated aesthetics, the café provides a sensory experience like no other. The Dhow-shaped coffee counter dessert, cascading flowers, exquisite chandeliers, and plush textures create an ambiance that invites guests to indulge in both coffee and desserts, all while being enveloped in elegance.
Natasha’s leadership ensured that EL&N Yas Bay Abu Dhabi achieved its full potential, surpassing expectations and delivering a seamless blend of design, construction, and gastronomy. Her commitment to perfection was evident in every detail, from managing complex strategies in terms of contracts and fit-out execution.

“Our commitment to innovation and execution is reflected in EL&N Yas Bay Abu Dhabi. Bringing creativity, functionality, and innovation to every project we complete is something we take enormous pride in” states Natasha Abbas, Project Director of North 51 Consulting.