OFFICE 313’s most recent project is Beautique in Kuwait, a high end salon specialising in hair and nail treatments. This Beautique branch is the second branch created by OFFICE 313. This newest branch aims to serve a new range of clients who want a quieter option to the downtown branch. The second Beautique branch’s design approach was a continuation and extension of the brand’s design identity.

The team as a whole intended to investigate the concept of real separation. A place where consumers may unplug and unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

Beautique’s latest location, located in relatively peaceful and outlying neighbourhood, aims to offer new range of clients who want quieter option to the city branch.Because it is located in reasonably peaceful neighbourhood, thedesign presents itself as gentler, calmer experience that blends in with the suburban fabric.

Working with an atypical layout, the key challenge was to create place that provides harmony and space mobility while still preserving privacy.

The second Beautique branch’s design approach was continuation and extension of the brand’s design identity. We wanted to investigate the concept of actual separation as group.

place where consumers may unplug and unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

The key design issue was to arrange all of the functionality in a way that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Because of the peculiar space configuration, this was extremely tough.After several revisions, we created a series of vaults that enhance function while also distinguishing each distinct place. The project’s interior is split by a series of selected vaults. We were able to use the odd layout and offer a sense of fluidity and order to a very unorganised area by using the vaults as the defining element. The vaults have storage space, shelving, and hidden lighting that illuminates the space below gently. The salon features curved chairs, shelves, and mirrors.

The project is divided into three major sections: reception, acrylic tables, nail therapy stations, and hair stations. The material palette for the project includes white-cast concrete, Stucco, and natural stone. The brand’s essence is enhanced by the warm material palette.The end result is one of tranquillity, peace, and elegance.

Photographs by Mohammad Taqi Ashkanani