The Lahab Pendant hanging in the Mondrian hotel. Click on the image to know more

The Mondrian is SBE groups first project in the Middle East and its new flagship. It has received global recognition after its design was noted as one of the most innovative in 2017. One of the hotel’s suppliers, from an eclectic mix, is Moroccan Bazaar – manufacturers of handmade lighting and furniture.

Design Middle East spoke to Adnan Bennani, managing director, Moroccan Bazaar about the business in 2017, suppliers, and plans for 2018

The Mondrian was one of the most followed hotel projects last year. How did you get involved and why do you think you were a fit?
It was! We heard about it when a designer contacted us in the early stages once they were confirmed. It’s often these large projects are drawn out and follow the procedures in place but when they move, they move quickly. Initially we were specified to deliver pieces they had found to fit their room designs and we walked them through the specifics and went from there. The agency is world-renowned. Their designs are some of the most ambitious we’ve seen and they simply blow you away with their ideas. Our range was used to dramatic effect. As our lighting is dramatic too and hugely decorative with fascinating elements only handmade lights have, we knew that working together with their team was going to be a different sort of challenge. Certainly, productive and where we showed some of our best bits.

What is Moroccan Bazaar’s vision?
Our aim is to become the go-to-manufacturer of Moroccan & orientalist decorative lighting and furniture for contract hospitality and residential projects. There are many talented craftsmen in Morocco that can produce interior lighting and case goods but there are few who offer our capacity of output and with the amount of expertise and experience to deliver projects of scale under one roof. Our vision is to put Moroccan goods on the map for contract projects.

Moroccan Bazaar’s artisan busy at work and with finished article (Right) Click on the image to know more

With new technology developing at faster rates than ever anticipated. What is the future of handmade or traditional techniques —the like which is at your core?
Technology is part of what we do i.e. the tools. But it is not part of our culture. As a business and a proud Moroccan family, we are trying to balance the need for faster production at effective pricing with our interest in the best we can produce. Technology is the best driver for this but at the heart of what we do and why customers come to us is the quality and story of our products. That is part of the identity and changing that brings all sorts of challenges.

Tell us more about this family business and your plans for 2018?
It’s our family business in its third generation. Really, I have been here all my life with my parents. In 2004, I joined full time and spearheaded the growth of our contract division. Personally, I’ve been involved in the project management of most if not all our hospitality and residential projects that we have completed. It’s a fascinating job and rewarding to see the result of your hard work and the beauty of the interiors our products help adorn. In 2018 focus will be on international markets for both hospitality and residential projects with a greater focus on promoting our in-house collections that we are tirelessly working on.

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