Mirko believes that architecture and design are at the heart of the studio’s ethos and encompass a wide range of functions in order to see the project through to completion.

Mirko Sala Tenna is a designer and architect who established Etereo Design studio in Dubai in 2017.

He specialises in architecture, interior design, landscape design, product design, and yacht design. Etereo, a vibrant, artistically abundant Italian heritage dotted with influences from the Middle East and harmoniously brought together with passion, was born as a result of his astute understanding of architecture.

His goal as a creative inventor is to design soulful and inspiring spaces that encourage creativity. This approach drives all of his projects, pushing him to go beyond the brief and create unique spaces based on human experience.

“A space must breathe in order for the people who live in it to breathe, ” feels Mirko.

Architecture and design are central to the studio’s ethos, and they encompass a wide range of different functions required to see a project through from start to finish.

The functions range from conceptualising the artistic direction to selecting materials and finishes, sourcing from the best suppliers, and carrying out all the finer details. His approach is centred on delighting his clients and providing them with one-of-a-kind solutions. He takes the time to ask the right questions, which aids in the development of practical solutions. His works range from engineering and spatial design to poetry and fine arts, with each experience often satisfying the curiosity of the other.

Ghaf Majlis, located in the desert and surrounded by the national UAE tree, the Ghaf tree, is one of his most successful projects. The client’s main requirements were to design a representative and iconic building that could function as a gathering place and contrast with the desert. At the same time, it should respect and preserve the site’s existing Ghaf trees. The team accepted the challenge of creating this desert icon with dynamic sharp edges and dark exterior micro topping that contrasts with the soft, beige desert sand, reflecting the client’s style. The building’s shape is inspired by the trees on the site.

The main majlis and mini majlis, main dining room and mini dining room, lobby, bathrooms, and a heavy kitchen comprise the building programme.

Our concept was heavily influenced by contrast. As a result, we used a dark cement micro-topping on all walls, making the building stand out in the desert while remaining simple. We used marble to add richness to the interior and wood to add warmth. The building’s shape is determined by its functions and the surrounding environment. A cantilever is projected at the entrance to provide a bold strike, visual privacy for the mini dining, and enclosure around a Ghaf tree.

The project used drought-tolerant plants, automatic faucets to reduce water consumption, high UV-rated glass panels, and an overhang structure as external shading above windows to reduce temperature gain during hot summers.

“This project effectively represents the client. Our design added a modern touch to the Majlis and left a lasting impression on all of the client’s guests,” adds Mirko.

The Ghaf Majlis project in the UAE includes majlises and dining rooms that are designed to give the client complete privacy while maintaining a visual connection to the surrounding nature. A triangular water feature highlights the central intersection of the paths leading to the rooms.

Another project, Santuosa villa raises the standard of modern luxury. A rich material palette of marbles, bronze, and smoked oak combine with fine European furnishings and handcraftsmanship to create an environment that exudes old glamour with a touch of art deco influence. Every detail has been considered. This modern 6-bedroom villa is spread across a large 18,000sqft plot in Umm Al Sheif, close to the Burj Al Arab and Kite Beach in Jumeirah, a peaceful neighbourhood filled with cute cafes and restaurants.

The client’s vision was realised in the form of interiors with a fresh and timeless colour palette and luxe material combinations. The stark contrast between the white marble on the floor and the warm and dark tones of the smoked oak helped to create a neutral backdrop that allowed the freedom to experiment with small pops of colour in the furnishings.

“25 different types of marble flow throughout the mansion forming a thread between the various living spaces,” says Mirko.

Etereo, led by Mirko, is progressing and working on a variety of projects; the firm has also received numerous accolades and awards from leading design events.