Ritika Angrish, founder of Ritz Interiors
Ritika Angrish, founder of Ritz Interiors.

Ritika Angrish, founder of Ritz Interiors, discusses her journey, design aesthetics, challenges, and highlights of working with clients in the GCC.

Tell us about yourself and the newly-launched company, Ritz Interiors.

It all began 18 months ago when we started renovating our own home. It was like opening a bottle of pent-up creativity that had been waiting to be released.

Soon after we finished, interested friends started dropping over to see the transformation. Their curiosity quickly led to requests: “Could you do the same for us? “We’d gladly pay.” And with that, the seeds of a business were planted.

I’ve enjoyed crafts since I was very young. As a kid, I used to cut out greeting cards to decorate my study walls and help others design their rooms with wallpaper from the stationery store. I was always drawn to things that were innovative. 

Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves at the helm of a booming business that began only 15 months ago. With no professional interior design degree and a strong desire to make every room beautiful, here I am with over ten successful projects under our belt, including the complete refurbishment of six entire properties totaling 18,000sqft. Our journey has been nothing short of incredible.

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How would you describe your design aesthetics? 

I’d say our style is modern and sleek, but we are not a fan of sticking to rigid design rules. We enjoy merging diverse styles to create something unique. Instead of the typical beiges and greys that we see everywhere, we like to add pops of colour now and then. I especially enjoy adding beautiful natural stones, polished black mirrors, and the warmth of soft wood tones. 

It’s vital to me that everything feels balanced, comfortable, and harmonic, with a gentle touch throughout. We’re also glad to claim that we excel in repurposing many of our client’s existing furniture items, contributing to the circular economy in the process.

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Who are your key customers? 

Our core clientele consists of high-net-worth individuals who have excelled in their business and professional endeavors. They highly regard both their time and our expertise, seeking to translate their successes into the ambiance of their homes and workplaces. 

How has the interior fit-out industry changed over the years? 

In the world of interior design, the winds of change are blowing stronger than ever! Thanks to cutting-edge tech like virtual reality, we’re turning dreams into reality with just a swipe. There is also a growing emphasis on sustainability, with increased awareness of environmental issues. This has led to the adoption of eco-friendly materials, and energy-efficient solutions. 

Additionally, the concept of flexible and adaptable spaces has gained popularity, driven by changing work-from-home dynamics and our post-COVID lifestyles. Interior fit-outs now focus on creating versatile environments that can easily accommodate different functions and activities

Lastly, people are turning away from cookie-cutter designs – it’s all about making your space uniquely YOU, with more and more people now wanting designs that nourish their souls and make them feel relaxed as soon as they enter the space. 

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Can you tell us about a project that you’re particularly proud of? 

We recently embarked on an exciting home renovation project for clients relocating to Dubai after 22 years in Africa. Impressed by our portfolio, they entrusted us with the transformation of their new property. With the family busy settling their affairs abroad, they granted power of attorney to their accountant to oversee expenses while entrusting us with the design and renovation process. Throughout the three-month journey, we maintained regular communication through weekly calls, with clients expressing their full confidence in our expertise. Upon their return, they were thrilled to find their home surpassing all their expectations. 

The home underwent a flawless transformation, featuring pristine white marble flooring and a design theme of deep olive and amber tones that flowed throughout. A large modular kitchen was installed, perfect for the sociable nature of the household. Exquisite bathroom makeovers and clever space utilisation made the house look even bigger than it was. The client’s family was beyond ecstatic with the outcome, and so were we!

Following the handover, we formed a lasting connection, with happy memories now kept in the heart of their lovely home.

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What are the challenges and highlights of working with clients from the GCC?

Clients from the GCC appreciate luxurious and high-end designs, providing opportunities for creativity and innovation. Building strong relationships with clients is valued in the GCC culture, leading to long-term partnerships and repeat business.

At the same time, understanding and navigating cultural norms and preferences can be challenging, as cultural expectations vary among GCC countries. Clients here have high standards and expectations, which can put pressure on amateur designers and contractors – and this is where we come in, as a full-service Design & Build company deeply committed to delivering exceptional results.

Could you tell us something about your current project?

Currently, we’re working on several exciting full-renovation projects. These include a spacious villa nestled in the Green Community, a diamond trader’s office located in Al Mas Tower, a charming townhouse in Springs, a lavish apartment in JLT, and a handful more. 

We’re genuinely thrilled to lend our expertise to these clients. Each project holds a special place in our hearts – like our own babies. We strive to tailor our creative work to the unique tastes of our client, ensuring that every endeavor reflects their distinct personalities. 

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What else can we expect to see from Ritz Interiors in the coming years? 

We are exploring new territories this year with many exciting projects under discussion (both commercial & residential). We are also working on establishing a few strategic partnerships with large retailers in our industry. 

To meet the needs of the growing business, we are expanding our teams of design and fit-out professionals. 

The future seems promising, with more and more clients valuing our creative finesse. We are beyond thrilled to manifest what we dreamt of!