Havelock One completes hotel refurbishment at The Oberoi, Madina, elevating the luxury experience to new heights.

Havelock One, a leading interior fit out specialist, announces the successful completion of a major hotel rehabilitation project at The Oberoi, Madina, one of Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious luxury resorts. The project, which includes guestrooms and public areas, reinforces Havelock One’s dedication to providing great quality and craftsmanship in the hospitality industry.

As a world-renowned luxury hotel in Madina, The Oberoi has long been favoured by royalty, celebrities, and global entrepreneurs. With its remarkable views of the Prophet’s Mosque, directly from the guestrooms, visitors can enjoy five-star service, spectacular rooms and choose from multiple restaurants offering an array of dining options. Embodying the spirit of traditional elegance, Havelock One embarked on an ambitious phase one refurbishment project, breathing new life into 291 guestrooms, including the Royal, Executive, and Junior Suites, as well as all standard rooms. Additionally, Havelock One’s fit out and manufacturing team revitalised all public areas, including banquet halls, meeting rooms, public restrooms, and corridors.

“Our team embraced the opportunity to enhance The Oberoi, Madina, and contribute to its esteemed reputation as one of the finest luxury hotels in Saudi Arabia,” said Nigel Wilson, Division Director, Saudi Arabia at Havelock One. “With meticulous attention to detail, we stripped each area down to its shell and core before crafting and installing custom FF&E and joinery. Our state-of-the-art factory in Bahrain played a vital role in expertly manufacturing the majority of the millworks, including doors, wardrobes, panelling, archways, headboards, coffee tables, mirrors, and more. Every element was carefully crafted to perfection and shipped to the site, ensuring a seamless installation that has elevated the hotel’s ambiance to new heights.”

Throughout the refurbishing project, the hotel’s operations remained fully operational, necessitating tremendous attention and coordination from the Havelock One fit out team. Havelock One ensured a flawless operation with minimum disruption to the five-star guest experience by maintaining open and effective contact with the client.

“We are delighted with the successful completion of the hotel refurbishment project at The Oberoi, Madina,” said Hussam Jakaleh, Project Manager, Alshaya Group, and representative from The Oberoi. “Havelock One’s commitment to excellence, their thorough approach, and their expertise have transformed our hotel into an even more exceptional luxury destination. The refurbishment has enhanced the guest experience, seamlessly blending traditional elegance with contemporary comfort. We are confident that our esteemed guests will appreciate the attention to detail and the elevated ambiance created by Havelock One.”

Havelock One’s completion of the hotel refurbishment at The Oberoi, Madina stands as a testament to their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to delivering outstanding results in the hospitality industry. This project further solidifies Havelock One’s position as a leader in interior fit out solutions, showcasing their ability to undertake complex projects while ensuring the utmost client satisfaction.