Joakim de Rham, a Swiss national, established his Dubai company in 2003. Swiss Bureau, one of the few regional design and build studios, is celebrating its 20th anniversary and continues to honour the ideals of innovation, building, and project management.

Joakim is deeply involved in all aspects of the company and has evolved it to remarkable heights. Placing new plans and procedures in place, he has positively influenced the entire company, inspiring change and fostering a culture of accountability, ownership, and workplace autonomy, resulting in one of the best years yet.

Under Joakim, team members are encouraged to explore and manifest their creativity, resulting in authentic, innovative designs. His team members are encouraged to explore and manifest their creativity, resulting in authentic, and innovative designs.

SBID’s award-winning and highly anticipated project for The UNIVERSITY OF EUROPE FOR APPLIED SCIENCES nears completion later in October

Swiss Bureau has completed over 200 projects completed, serving 3.5 million sqft of spaces, all while achieving impressive organic international growth throughout UAE, GCC, and parts of Europe.

Beyond design, Joakim is committed to his team’s well-being, spearheading strategic initiatives for improved work-life balance and assuring SBID’s success. This year, Joakim implemented numerous improvements for the benefit of his staff, including hiring a business mentor, investing in better health care, and implementing numerous other measures to assist SBID thrive, resulting in one of the busiest years yet.

A frequent participant in industry panel discussions, Joakim is consistently humbled by such invitations, speaking amongst his creative peers and educating the fearless young minds of today.

Joakim has gradually but steadily entered the Saudi Arabia market, propelling the company in the right direction. Joakim has greatly contributed to securing three more significant new projects this year, including a much-anticipated luxury glamping resort in AlUla, a three story headquarter office located in Leysen Valley, and a futuristic office space for Saudi Aramco, with multiple visits to The Kingdom over the last few years and bringing home five incredible projects between 2019 and present day. He and the firm are increasingly excited to expand further and discover more of its incredible offerings.