When the French design aesthetics blend seamlessly with the Japanese gastronomy culture

Not every design pleases everybody. Not every restaurant menu pleases everybody. But hold on, there’s one place that will please everyone’s design and taste senses – Katsuya by Starck is just few months old in the Dubai circuit and is already a winner. This waterfront Japanese restaurant, overlooking the Arabian Sea, is located at Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah. Katsuya’s dynamic amalgamation of the French designer, Philippe Starck, and sushi chef, Katsuya Uechi, is truly stylish and savory, both at the same time.

Design wise, this place is a treat for the ardent fans of Philippe Starck – simple and elegant. As you enter the restaurant area, the walls are adorned with oversized backlit photographs of a Japanese geisha to create a dramatic effect. The restaurant features a sushi bar, which is the part of the main dining area with beautiful wooden ceiling setting. There’s also a lounge area decked up with white tables and Starck’s signature sleek chairs. The Japanese paper lights hanging from the ceiling gives a warm and inviting feel to this area. Another interesting area of Katsuya is the dragon bar; it is called so because a huge dragon tattoo image is used to decorate one of the walls, which is a major highlight of this room.

Talking about the Katsuya’s design aesthetics, Starck feels: “I am not interested in design, only people interest me. That is why naturally my favourite aspect of design or architecture is to try to understand how I can help people to have a better life. And sometimes, if I am lucky, I succeed. Katsuya is a place where people can feel happier, more intelligent, more in love. Katsuya is perfection, because it is a hybrid between East and West, which offers the best of both worlds. It is a stage where I hope people will feel more alive, more sparkling, and more at their best.”

One can also check out the alfresco seating arrangement adjacent to the one-of-a-kind turtle lagoon. From here, you can also experience the stunning sea views of the Burj Al Arab. To put it short, Katsuya by Starck is a visual treat for sophisticated design enthusiasts and a feast delight as well. The views from your window will be breathtaking, for sure!