The brainchild of Emirati artist, Maisoon Al Saleh, The Paintly Store features limited edition prints and original one-off paintings inspired by the Emirates and celebrating its wonderful culture.

Al Saleh has already made huge waves internationally, renowned for painting under seawater and taking part in almost 100 exhibitions around the world, including four solo shows. She now wants to give other artists a platform to showcase their artworks, representing them on The Paintly Store, for art lovers to discover.

Ideal for residential, the office or commercial projects, The Paintly Store’s eye-catching artwork comes in a range of mediums, from prints to installations and mixed media. For those looking to curate something truly unique and personal, The Paintly Store has the option to customise a mural or painting in the colours, size and style to suit all tastes and requirements.

Maisoon Al Saleh, founder of The Paintly Store, said: “Art is not just decoration, it’s passion, an expression of who we are and and a way of communicating to the world. I wanted to create a hub where I could not only display my art, but the works of other UAE-based artists too, to celebrate the immense talent pool within the region and adorn homes, offices and hotels in the UAE with art that was made here, for here and told the story of this magnificent country we have the privilege to call home.”