Times Square Center is getting ready to reveal its newly refurbished, sustainable, and energy-efficient food court area ‘Picnic Square,’ and has announced limited space availability for any new brands hoping to move into the mall and tap into its exclusive, family-focussed audience.

“The plan is to transform our current, traditional food court to one that includes market-style fruit and vegetable stalls and less, ‘fast-food, more good-food’ styled eatery options,” says Nancy Ozbek, general manager of Times Square Center

In line with Times Square Center’s sustainability focus, it has commissioned Summertown Interiors, a specialist sustainable contractor to execute the exciting new Picnic Square. Summertown Interiors, with a female-led project team, will also assist Times Square in attaining LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for the new community, family-focussed dining area.