Designer Olivier Butcher talks about his design philosophy, materials, and the emerging trends for the coming years. His collection Olivier B. is available at Chattels & More in Dubai

Olivier Butcher

What are the distinguishing characteristics of your design?
Oliver B.’s style is characterised by the union of harmonic design and distinctive high-value raw materials. Oliver B. has two product ranges, which are ‘Casa’ and ‘Wild’. Casa range combines elegance with innovation in the look, and Wild range has a more natural and substantial style.

What’s your design inspiration?
Inspiration can be drawn from everywhere and it is very important to pay attention to all the “signs” that can show an opportunity. Sometimes, it stems from the suggestion of a customer, colleague, supplier or a friend. Other times, it comes from a new raw material, a new production technology or even a new shape that can be creatively used somewhere you had not thought of before.

Describe your product range? Generally speaking, we are focused on dining rooms and our most important products are tables, chairs, cabinets, and accessories. We also have some bedroom products, which are beds or chests. We have the Casa and Wild ranges within those lines.

What are the different types of material you work with apart from wood? As for the ‘Casa’ range, we are working with ceramic. We have a partnership with Laminam for our ‘Thin’ range, which is performing very well. Metal is also something very important in our range. We work with Carrara marble, Gioia version, which has a very light background with marked grains. Finally, there is polyurethane, which allows us to create every kind of shape we imagine. As for the ‘Wild’ range, Buffalo hand-painted leather has always been something very important for us. We recently added one more leather category named A-leather that is very soft aniline leather.

What are your thoughts on the UAE market for home décor? UAE is a very interesting market for home dècor, and I feel there is a high emphasis on uniqueness and details. There is a high demand for excellence and design from customers who are accustomed to high-level aesthetic and quality performance on items. From our side, this is a motivating factor to keep on investing in designs and details.

What attracted you to partner with Chattels & More?
Oliver B. has a long story with I.D. Dubai group, which has always been a loyal and precious partner. We have always been excited to be part of Chattles & More project which has a very interesting philosophy, an amazing showroom and is for sure the best showcase possible of Oliver B’s products in the UAE.

Will your full catalog of products be available at Chattels & More?
Absolutely! We are now working on a software application that allows customers to surf through our entire collection and possible customisation of our products in term of designs, materials, finishing, and sizes to meet the highest expectation of end-consumers.