Small apartments across Dubai have their upsides—lower rent, often a closer proximity to bustling downtown areas, and a certain irreplaceable cosy charm. Design is just as important a function in a small apartment. People often fall prey to focussing on functionality rather than design when decorating tiny apartments. Finding the right balance between the two is critically important to create a space that you’ll be comfortable living in. Follow these tips by interior architect, Sharon Jutla, with ideas on how to decorate your tiny apartment to make it feel bright, cheerful and even spacious.

Paint walls white
As a reflector of all colours white has an innate ability visually to expand a space. Walls and ceiling painted white and light colour floors lighten and brighten a space and disguise edges of a room, making it feel and look bigger.
Splash some pops of bright colour
Pops of bold vivacious colour throughout an otherwise white or neutral space adds personality and energy. The strategic placement of these splashes of colour help to guide the eye through the space, providing visual tour that makes the whole space feel larger.
Always think vertical
In planning the best way to make use of a space, it’s critical to think vertically as well as horizontally. Tall, narrow storage systems are your best bet when trying to get the most storage out of the least amount of space. Place two identical bookshelves on either side of a doorway for a built-in shelving look. Or, a large entertainment centre that reaches from floor to ceiling serves as a great room divider between your sleeping and living areas.
Utilise creative, unconventional storage solutions
Unconventional storage solutions – such as drawers under the bed eliminate the need for a dresser. Another great idea is to incorporate storage built around your furniture – a love seat sofa set into a cosy nook of contemporary cupboards look great and provides useful invisible storage.
Think multi-tasking furniture
If you have less space, you must have less space taking furniture. Keep an eye out and select furniture that performs at least two functions. Curvaceous furniture will also keep things from looking monotone. Most tiny apartments also tend to be box-shaped, so use your furniture to add some curves back and think about using a round dining table or a sofa and chair set with angled sides.
Embrace mounted wall and ceiling lighting
Floor lamps are great pieces for home decor but not in a small living space. Hanging or wall mounted lighting saves floor space and provides overall better lighting for the space.
Keep window treatments minimal
Natural light does wonders in creating an airy spacious feel in almost any space. Your small apartment will benefit from having as of window exposed. Ditch the curtains.
Never overlook the floors
Floors are the most important role in small apartment that communicate the style and flow of your space. Continuous flooring will help to expand your space psychologically.
Layers to add depth
One thing that small spaces lack is depth since there is only so much space for the eye to take in. Luckily you can make up that depth easily by layering in your design. Shadow boxes make excellent wall hangings. Add a few throw rugs to help cover up less-than-luxurious carpeting. Layer your bedding with multiple blankets and throw pillows add depth while keeping you warm and cosy. It’s important to note that layering is not just about piling one design element on top of another. It’s also about creating contrast. So, when you’re selecting the items that you’d like to layer throughout your apartment, go for pieces that have varying materials, textures, and patterns.