CRISTIANO VENTURINI Group Chief Executive Officer iGuzzini

iGuzzini is an international community dedicated to architecture and the advancement of lighting culture. It is committed to social innovation through lighting, which it pursues through design and a deeply ingrained light culture, with a special emphasis on connectivity and sustainability.

At iGuzzini, design is the common thread that connects the work of great masters such as Gio Ponti from the 1960s to the most recent solutions for architectural lighting and contemporary living spaces.

Founded in 1959, the company operates in more than 20 countries, across five continents. 

iGuzzini’s Head Office in the Middle East, strategically located in Dubai, opened in 2008.

The Middle East Hub has since significantly expanded its presence in the region, thanks to the opening of offices in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, as well as in the Eastern Mediterranean, South Caucasian, and English Speaking African Territories, to secure a strong presence in high growth areas and provide a full range of pre and post sales services from project conception to completion, including technical product information, design support and providing consultation on lighting techniques, both in the design phase and as an aftersales service, and marketing services.


Cristiano Venturini, CEO of iGuzzini, discusses the brand’s contribution to the lighting industry: “We are recognised as a centre of excellence dedicated to the study of light in its various forms, and an active part in the development of a culture of light. Pioneers of intelligent light, we develop and apply solutions which, thanks to connectivity, improve the relationship between people, architecture and spaces, and help protect the environment. At iGuzzini, design is the leitmotif that from the 1960s to today unites the work of great masters such as Gio Ponti up to the latest solutions for architectural lighting and for places of contemporary living. For us it means beauty and formal research, but also technological and application innovation, reliability and  performance to continuously improve the experience of designers and end users. A discipline that we have always practiced by collaborating with leading designers on the international scene and with icons such as Renzo Piano, Gae Aulenti, Michele De Lucchi, Ron Arad and Jean-Michel Wilmotte.”

LIGHTHINKING SPACE – The third floor of the building designed by Mario Cucinella for iGuzzini HQ, is inspired by the company’s historical value and it is a highly hybrid environment with the world of living.

Venturini describes the evolution of the company over time. He says: “As a company involved in lighting since 1959, we draw on our history and incredible heritage. iGuzzini’s path is dotted with icons designed by authors who have made the history of Design and who today are more relevant than ever. Our work with designers and architects is based on synergies, complicity and the sharing of design knowhow and interconnections. Sixty years ago, we grasped the importance of this close working relationship that has become our hallmark. It is the driving force behind our incredibly successful path that is now packed with awards and commendations.”

OMAA MUSEUM (OMAN ACROSS AGES MUSEUM), Oman – The Museum is a cultural and educational landmark for all Omanis and visitors. Photographer Phil Handforth.

Richard Holmes, Regional Director -Middle East & English Speaking Africa at iGuzzini Middle East, shares his thoughts: “We are working together with other influential companies, professional design practices, and architectural firms to ensure that good quality lit effects are pushed, promoted and implemented. We have to fight against the commercial realities of every market to make sure that people understand the importance of good quality lighting. One thing. So commercial versus lit effects. This market is incredibly full of opportunities and fantastic architectural projects, however, there’s a need to educate all actors involved about the importance of good quality lighting, which is affecting not only the aesthetic result but our social and individual well-being. We’re committed to social innovation through lighting, which we pursue through design and a deep-rooted culture of light, with a particular emphasis on connectivity and sustainability.

Holmes goes on to discuss how the future of the industry is dependent on technology. He explains: “The future of our industry will very much depend upon technology but not technology of products, technology that we use to enhance services. So artificial intelligence is a big topic but artificial intelligence is something that we need to embrace but we take control of because artificial intelligence should be implemented intelligently not artificially otherwise we end up in a situation where the tail is wagging the dog and the best kitchen in the world has all methods of cooking from a microwave trough to traditional sources so we need to make sure we use artificial intelligence to our advantage not get so excited about new technologies that it takes over what we are doing which is dangerous.”

Venturini feels that it is critical for iGuzzini to avoid getting drawn into a pricing war with other competitors as the acceptance of quality reduces in the market.

KALBA ICE FACTORY, UAE – A respectful redevelopment project has transformed the 20,000sqm area, previously Known as “The Ice Factory”, into a cultural centre in Kalba. Photographer Phil Handforth.

He says: “As early as the 1980s, we began to make society aware of how advanced light contributes to the well-being of the planet and all living forms. Today, it’s called Sustainability. This is why we invest approximately 6% of our yearly turnover in research and development, to create innovative energy-efficient, durable, technologically advanced and eco-friendly materials, industrial processes, and behaviours, to minimise our impact on the ecosystem.

What we should do is continue to push for quality lighting solutions because we recognize the benefit of that long term so our goal is to remain as a professional organisation integrated into local communities, investing in local communities to develop a skill set and educate people as to what good quality lighting is so subsequently we can stand ourselves aside from everybody and retain the customer service experience that people would expect from a premium brand and I guess the last thing we could say is we draw joining forces with our partners in the Fagerhult group to collaborate and ensure that together we promote good quality lighting solutions in the most sustainable environmentally friendly way considering all of the drivers of the Fagerhult Group.”