JASPAL BAL Founder and director Originally from a design background, Jaspal is passionate about creating an impact through lighting, so that it becomes a powerful attribute in any space. His career direction evolved to incorporate sales, when he spent several years driving business development while maintaining excellent relationships with clients.

Light Link, an independent lighting design and supply firm, is celebrating a momentous milestone as it approaches its fifth year of operation. Since its establishment in 2019, the firm has seen extraordinary year-on-year growth, cementing its place as a key player in the region’s lighting market. With a dedicated team of over 25 talented professionals, Light Link has consistently proven its prowess in delivering cutting-edge lighting solutions to diverse clientele across the GCC.

The secret behind Light Link’s success lies in its unwavering commitment to excellence, creativity, and customer satisfaction. From their headquarters in Dubai, the company has rapidly expanded its reach and influence, earning a reputation for excellence in both commercial, hospitality, and residential projects.

MOTF : SPACE STATION COMMAND CENTRE – using focussed lighting to highlight the centre piece of the 5th Floor of the museum.

One of Light Link’s finest achievements has been its involvement in supplying lighting for the famous Museum of the Future display rooms. This achievement not only proves the company’s capacity to tackle high-profile and technically hard projects, but it also demonstrates their commitment to collaborating with premier lighting and control suppliers.

Furthermore, Light Link has emerged as the preferred alternative for largescale commercial office complexes around the region. The business has left an unmistakable stamp on some of the most famous corporate spaces in the GCC, working with notable organisations such as Siemens, DMCC, and Pfizer. Light Link has offered lighting solutions for prestigious organisations such as Clifford Chance, JP Morgan, and White & Case, winning the trust and admiration of these blue-chip corporations.

PRIVATE VILLA, JGE DUBAI – Full lighting design and supply, with complete custom chandeliers, developed from interior designer concept visuals to reality.

As the company’s reputation increased, so did its ambitions. Light Link has smoothly expanded its scope beyond traditional lighting projects by transitioning into new verticals. Notably, they have offered culinary talents to many Hero Donuts locations, bringing a flavourful touch to the retail environment.

Behind every achievement lies a dedicated and passionate team, and Light Link is no exception. The company’s founder and visionary leader, Jaspal Bal has been instrumental in steering the ship towards greatness. Under Jas’ guidance, the team at Light Link has cultivated a culture of creativity, collaboration, and constant innovation. This has resulted in an unparalleled synergy within the company, allowing them to stay ahead of industry trends and exceed the expectations of their valued clients.

BROOKFIELD OFFICES ICDBP – simple and effective lighting design for the employee café space, part of a minimal office design.

Looking ahead, Light Link is wellpositioned to continue its upward trajectory, fuelled by a solid foundation of successful projects, a growing workforce, and a dedication to quality. The company is looking to expand into new markets, both in the UAE and beyond. Furthermore, they intend to use the most recent advances in lighting technology, sustainability, and energy efficiency to deliver even more cutting-edge solutions. 

As Light Link celebrates its 5th anniversary, the company reflects on the journey that brought them to this point. They are grateful for the trust their clients have placed in them and the partnerships forged along the way. With the unwavering support of their clients, partners, and dedicated team, Light Link is ready to embrace the future, illuminating spaces and lives with their unparalleled brilliance.

Jaspal Bal, Founder of Light Link, shares: “At Light Link we’ve been a big advocate of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) and Smart Lighting Control Systems for some time, and we’d like to see more uptake with such technologies on projects moving forward – Humans are affected by light not only on a visual level, but also on a biological one. When installing a Human Centric Lighting solution (HCL), you reinforce your circadian rhythm, enhancing your cognitive skills and sense of wellbeing. You perform better, you sleep better, you feel better.”


Bal continues: “We can combine tuneable light fittings to a smart control system, that can be synced with the celestial clock and/ or utilise the amount of daylight in spaces to adjust the artificial lighting output, maintaining a consistent and correct level of both light output and colour temperature to ensure a balanced and comfortable environment for users. However, there is a stigma attached to the perceived cost of such solutions, which we need to remove through education and upscaling our client’s knowledge on the benefits of such systems. We often see lighting control packages targeted for ‘VE savings’, either being downscaled or completely removed, in turn removing numerous levels of function and comfort of the end-user, it is no longer purely an energy saving tool, it is far more important.”