Ahmed Sharabassy, an award-winning architect known for his innovative designs and commitment to sustainability, is a key player in the worldwide architectural environment. Hailing from Egypt, Ahmed’s journey in architecture began with a remarkable feat – winning his first design award at the tender age of 19 for his visionary concept of “experience capsules” on a pedestrian bridge. This early recognition solidified his belief in transcending conventional norms and sparked his unwavering pursuit of architectural excellence.

Armed with a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Ahmed serves as the CEO and Founder of Sharabassy Built Environment Studio is headquartered in Cairo and Dubai. Under his leadership, the studio has crafted over 400 designs across 12 countries, showcasing Ahmed’s versatility and commitment to pushing the boundaries of architectural innovation. Ahmed’s accolades extend beyond his design prowess. Notably, he was shortlisted for the Design Middle East Awards 2023, a testament to his impact and influence in the industry.

NATURE IN MOTION’ was an analogy of the Dubai Desert and its evolution towards a leading city in constant progress and development, becoming a global inspiration.

Furthermore, he has been invited to speak at prestigious local and international design and education forums and events, including Dubai Design Week, Saudi Design Week, Cityscape, and IPSEF (the International and Private Schools Education Forum), where he shares his insights and expertise with fellow professionals and aspiring architects alike. One of Ahmed’s most recent achievements is his nomination for the Abwab 2021 commission in the UAE. His winning proposal, inspired by the transformative journey of Dubai from desert landscape to global metropolis, exemplifies his commitment to regenerative architecture and restorative design. Through the thoughtful integration of sustainable and recyclable materials, Ahmed seeks to foster a harmonious relationship between nature and urban development, setting a new standard for architectural sustainability.

Ahmed’s portfolio boasts an array of notable projects, including the Four Seasons Nile Plaza and Four Seasons Madinaty, showcasing his ability to adapt to diverse design challenges. Currently, he is actively engaged in projects across Saudi Arabia, such as Neom, KAFD, and King Salman Park, further solidifying his reputation as a leading architect in the region. Beyond his professional achievements, Ahmed is deeply passionate about nurturing the next generation of architects. He actively engages in co-design and collaborative projects with children, recognizing their innate creativity and potential to shape the future of design. As Ahmed continues to leave an indelible mark on the architectural world, his innovative spirit, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to excellence serve as an inspiration to architects and designers worldwide.