Dilara Ajun is the Creative Director of ATI Consultants, Architects, and Engineers and the winner of the Young Talent of the Year Award at the Architecture Leader Awards 2021. Her goal is to create one-of-a-kind “out-of-the-box” designs and solutions that complement their users and identities. Her distinct style and desire for design quality have helped ATI become a favored partner for many prominent projects and clients, earning her several prestigious design awards.

Upcoming residential high-rise tower in SPORTS CITY.

Born in Turkey in 1988, Dilara earned her bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, in 2011. She worked in leading development and architecture companies while pursuing her master’s degree in real estate development from 2011 to 2013. She furthered her studies with a diploma in Interior Design from the University of London in 2015. Throughout her career, she has created award-winning master plans, architecture, and interior design projects. Her upbeat “nothing is impossible” attitude pervades the entire office.

Dilara is currently actively pursuing the design of several projects worldwide and in the UAE, including master-planned communities, high-rise residential towers in Dubai, a mixed-use harbor and marina project in Europe, K-12 schools and university campuses in Bahrain, Istanbul, Dammam, and around the UAE, and an upcoming iconic residential high-rise tower in JVC.

Dilara mentors young designers and acts as a role model for female designers. She is also a big supporter of sustainable design and is dedicated to producing environmentally friendly buildings. 

Dilara is also a ‘Dubai Municipality Accredited Unlimited Licensed Architect’.