Devaganga brings a wealth of experience managing and directing large-scale projects across the Middle East and Asia. With over 20 years of expertise, she has an impressive portfolio highlighting international projects across multiple disciplines such as hospitality, retail, multi-residential, and educational sectors. Her keen understanding of strategy is often requested even before projects begin to help facilitate growth for OBMI during pursuit stages as the firm translates clients’ design and business goals in response to complex proposals and giga projects. Devaganga’s background as a technically oriented architect highlights her appreciation for detailed design and procedural management, providing her with the ability to manage multidisciplinary teams, sometimes of nearly 100 persons, and built developments valuing over four billion AED. She is also a Member of the Council of Architects, India.  

Devaganga’s ability to realize clients’ visions stems from her highly developed interdisciplinary skills, punctual execution, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and proven success navigating teams to seek high-quality solutions when complex challenges arise. 

Recently, Devaganga has used her expertise to guide the team to success on several exciting projects contributing to the Saudi 2023 Vision, such as the restoration of Al Hamra Palace in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with Boutique Group, giga-Projects under the Public Investment Fund such as Diriyah Gate Development Authority, and leisure development and urban planning for Nakheel Properties.