Nabil Akiki, CEO of FIVE Development, has over two decades of experience in the design, development, master planning, project management,and construction of diverse and mixed-use developments.

He is also the mastermind behind the phenomenal architecture of FIVE Real Estate Development and FIVE

Known to have exceptionally delivered a range of world-class projects including hospitals, commercial and residential developments and luxury hotels and resorts in the GCC, North Africa, Middle East, and Europe, Akiki has a First-Class degree from INBA in Beirut Finishing top in his class, he received his Masters in Architecture from the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris, France on a special scholarship and graduated as Mageur De Promotion.

As a founding member of FIVE Holdings and the CEO of homegrown FIVE Real Estate Development in Dubai, Akiki proudly heads the design, development, and construction management of FIVE’s projects, for which he has received over 40 regional and three global honours.

His journey with FIVE, from an architectural perspective, began in 2012 ideating Cappadocia, Villa Pera and Villa Myra are three luxury residential G+4 developments with over 220 luxury residential apartments in the Jumeirah Village Circle community.

Despite a very challenging DCR and tight regulations for that zone, the spaces have been designed to be refreshingly modern and boast of organic architecture, which integrates lifestyle swimming pools and outdoor furnished terraces with the indoor luxury space of an apartment.

He further adds: “FIVE Real Estate Development listens carefully to the needs of its clients, fully understands them – and then translates them into physical terms in order to best suit their overall lifestyle.”

Akki shares: “My current role is to absorb, analyse and understand the different thoughts, feelings and wishes of FIVE’s clients, as well as of FIVE’s team members whom interact on a daily basis with our guests.

And, then, to apply my knowledge and experience in a FIVE-styled innovative manner to turn a common vision into reality.

When you believe that architectural sesign is not simply about pure aesthetics and visual appeal – but primarily a responses to human needs, then your creations are alive, breathing and evolving day-by-day and side- by-side with humanity.”

He describes the FIVE design character as dynamic, pragmatic, unrestricted, and progressive.

“We enhance what has been successful and we implement our learnings from every project. We strive to always do better,” he concludes.