Joe Tabet is a visionary architect with more than 20 years of expertise in the worldwide architecture and construction industry. In 2015, he founded JT+Partners in a tiny office of around 100 square metres in Business Bay, Dubai, with a small team of people. Despite its humble beginnings, JT+Partners swiftly established itself as a respected international multifunctional consultant, renowned for its spectacular projects in global destinations. This success came “overnight”, established the company as a leader in the field

Over the span of seven years, Joe navigated, JT+Partners through economic downturns and pandemic-related challenges by persevering and strategically planning for the future. His vision and mission focussed on exploring work in various geographies and sectors, including healthcare. His innovative and unconventional management strategies have allowed the company to sustain its reputation and deliver iconic, environmentally, and socially sustainable projects worldwide. JT+Partners’ expansion and focus on innovation resulted in the company more than doubling in size.

TAWILA ISLAND RESORT: It aims to establish a luxury benchmark in the Hurghada region with a mix of amenities and 120 accommodations, featuring an architecturally significant arrival building that reimagines the Egyptian pyramids. Facing the challenge of remote construction, the project emphasizes sustainability and efficiency through a smart guest room management system and the use of locally sourced, lightweight materials.

The initial team has grown to over 125 people, and the Dubai office has expanded to more than 1000sqm. Furthermore, the company has expanded its practice with offices in Abu Dhabi and Beirut. Joe’s employment tactics demonstrate his commitment to diversity, as he employs people from over 15 different nationalities and professional backgrounds. This has cultivated an energetic, collaborative, and creative team that stays at the forefront of global architecture and construction trends while respecting the oldest traditions.

Joe believes in innovation at every level – from design and business strategy to client and project approach, supported by a strong team. JT+Partners’ portfolio includes completed projects like hotels in Ras Al Khaimah, Seychelles, and Egypt, as well as ongoing and upcoming projects such as residential towers, villas, hotels, resorts, a golf course, a waterpark, and a hospital in locations like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Egypt, Greece, and KSA. Joe ensures his team remains innovative, embracing trends like the Internet of Things, digital twin technology, 3D printing, and modern construction methods. He invests in the latest technology and tools to maintain the firm’s cutting-edge status

Beyond his professional achievements, Joe is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), promoting sociable and sustainable communities, offering his team substantial health and financial benefits, supporting ethical business practices, and engaging in worthy causes. He actively participates in industry exhibits, university lectures, panel discussions, and media interviews, sharing his insights and experiences.

Joe’s success is a testament to his innovative design and management ideas, creativity, and flexible, adaptable approach.