Magdalena Strag emerges as a trailblazer in the dynamic world of interior design, opening new paths of innovation and originality. Her journey from the Academy of Art in Szczecin to her present leadership position as Senior Associate- Head of Interior Design at SIE Consultants exemplifies devotion, ability, and a never-ending pursuit of perfection.

Strag prioritized learning during her freelancing period, designing spaces in a four-star hotel in Swinoujscie, Poland. This period of research paved the way for her future success, allowing her to gather crucial insights and hone her talents. However, it was her tenure at Mode:lina, a boutique Interior Design company, that proved to be a transformative learning experience. Here, amidst visionary architects with distinguished styles, Strag honed her craft and absorbed a wealth of knowledge. Working on projects that received international praise, she developed a particular design ethos that seamlessly combines innovation with cultural resonance.

VOSTA HOTEL lobby, Poland

Magdalena embarked on her journey at SIE Consultants in 2019, as a Senior Interior Designer. Swiftly, her trajectory propelled her to the positions of Senior Associate and Head of the Interior Department. This progression underscores her remarkable abilities and steadfast commitment to the field. Leading a team of approximately 40 individuals across multiple countries, she fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation. Her portfolio boasts an array of projects, from sprawling mixed-use developments to intricately designed hotels and residential complexes. Notably, her designs infuse contemporary flair while preserving the essence of Middle Eastern traditions. One of her intriguing projects is the Palm Jebel Ali luxury villas in Dubai. This project provides a residential neighborhood within the Palm Jebel Ali master plan, with a variety of housing options. SIE Consultants was the lead consultant firm for numerous villa types, as well as well oversaw the Fronds master plan public realm design.


She also worked on the Ghaf Woods Residential Development in Dubai. The emphasis was on creating a magnificent residential community in Dubai that combined structures with beautiful woodlands to give a peaceful living environment.

Meydan Residences in Dubai, where she worked her magic once more to create a sustainable residential community that combines urban elegance with natural beauty.

In Abu Dhabi, she led the design of a wellness oasis within the Al Jurf complex, elegantly incorporating premium amenities into the master plan.

She has spearheaded design efforts for the largest Integrated Logistics Park in the Middle East, powered by renewable energy, at Maersk Logistics Park in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

In 2021, Magdalena won the Index Award for Residential Project of the Year. She has also been shortlisted twice in 2020, and 2021, among the top 10 in the Design Middle East award Best Interior Designer. Beyond her professional achievements, Strag serves as an inspiration to aspiring designers, embodying the ethos of perseverance and dedication. Her journey epitomizes the transformative power of talent, dedication, and unwavering vision.

In response to evolving industry standards, Magdalena shares: “We have introduced specialized teams for project management and Building Information Modeling (BIM), positioning ourselves to enhance efficiency and meet the dynamic demands of the industry. SIEC has been acting as lead consultant on the majority of our projects covering the full spectrum of core disciplines under one company which has led to repeat business from our clients. With strategic offices established in Bosnia and Egypt, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia alongside our ongoing expansion endeavors, our trajectory is marked by substantial growth and an unwavering dedication to excellence.” In an industry propelled by innovation and creativity, Magdalena emerges as a luminary—a visionary interior designer reshaping the world, one design at a time. By harnessing the latest software and tools, she showcases the ability to craft captivating designs while spearheading an efficient interior design department. Her journey serves as a testament to the limitless potential for those who dare to dream, highlighting the transformative impact of passion and expertise.

objectives for the future: “The future plans involve diversifying services, integrating BIM and AI technology, enhancing research and development, prioritizing sustainability, and strengthening market presence through targeted marketing and strategic alliances for global expansion.”

Studio International Engineering Consultants (SIEC), founded in November 2014, with a team of six individuals, has emerged as a premier multidisciplinary architecture, and engineering firm. Over the years, the firm’s success has led to the establishment of new divisions, including, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), interior design, infrastructure, and landscape design, complementing the existing expertise. Currently, SIEC’s workforce of 400 professionals operates across multiple countries, embodying a commitment to excellence in every endeavor. Throughout our journey, we have embraced challenges as opportunities, securing contracts with esteemed clients such as Nakheel, Emaar, Dubai Properties, Discovery Land Group, Diriyah Gate Development Authority and Red Sea Global to name a few. These partnerships have enabled them to undertake significant projects that underscore our diverse portfolio and extensive capabilities.