Yasser Abuelnasr, Co-founder of Whitespace Architects and the esteemed recipient of the Architect of the Year 2022 by Design Middle East Awards, epitomizes contemporary leadership in architecture. With over two decades of international experience, Yasser’s visionary outlook reshapes our perception of space and its profound impact on our lives.

Believing that buildings are more than just physical forms, Yasser emphasizes the intrinsic value of urban configurations and their harmonious integration within cities. His journey from Alexandria, where he delved into cultural research projects supervised by the World Bank, to Dubai in 2004, marked a significant turning point in his career, exposing him to the dynamic landscape of the Middle East and Gulf area. Additionally, Whitespace Architects expanded its reach to Europe through the Netherlands and established a thriving presence in Egypt and Saudi.

CFC – THE GATE It’s a state of-the-art commercial mixed-use development that integrates seamlessly and complements the rest of CFC development; attractive, flexible office spaces, combined with dynamic retail/F&B at the ground floor level, and complemented with lush landscapes that maximize the value-for-money for tenants.

Yasser’s extensive experience in the Middle East, Gulf area and Europe, coupled with his tenure in the USA, has garnered him widespread acclaim and recognition. In 2010, fuelled by a fervent passion for design and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Yasser cofounded Whitespace Architects alongside Francesco. This endeavor, marked by numerous trials and triumphs, reflects Yasser’s unwavering commitment to crafting luxury spaces that resonate with people’s experiences.

Whitespace Architects, under Yasser’s leadership, stands as a beacon of architectural innovation and excellence in luxury design. Rooted in the belief that architecture shapes our lives, Whitespace Architects is renowned for its holistic approach to luxury design, seamlessly blending functionality, opulence, and cultural sensitivity. Yasser’s visionary leadership has propelled Whitespace Architects to the forefront of the luxury architecture industry, with a diverse portfolio of prestigious projects spanning residential, commercial, cultural, and urban development sectors.