Bruno Guelaff is a multi-disciplinary award-winning architect whom is at the design helm of the BG Group in Dubai, UAE. Bruno was born in New York City as a Frenchman; after attending Lycée Français de New York and earning a US bachelor’s degree in sociology, he continued to pursue his interest. His specialisation was discovered after four years of research at NYSID. Bruno was the first recipient of the B.F. A. Travel Prize, which allowed him to travel the world, stopping in 15 countries and over 22 cities, an experience that strongly inspired his design flare. After working as a chief designer at a major New York firm for several years, his path led him back to Dubai in 2008, where he continues to develop his craft at ‘studio bruno guelaff’ within the ‘BG Group’.

Bruno has spent the last 15 years as the Design Director of the award-winning boutique firm’studio bruno guelaff’. He has been heavily involved in all parts of each project, including architecture, master planning, interior design, landscape design, furniture design, and branding. Bruno, as a multi-discipline doyen, ensures that all design elements conclude in a comprehensive fluid personalised project.

Over the years, Bruno felt there was something missing in the equation of the typical project process from conception to realisation. Within the construction process there was a lack of fluidity of work ownership which goes into play when a multitude of consultants are involved. The concept of master of all trades needed to be extended to the execution of a project and not only the conceptualisation.

Palm Penthouse Boutique residential penthouse project Curves meet minimalism

BG Villas was created organically when Bruno Guélaff and Khalid Kaluti’s professional paths crossed in Dubai some years ago. Both Bruno and Khalid quickly realised after being each other’s clients that combining their award-winning specialties could lead to something quite unique. The goal was to establish a transparent and honest Design + Build construction company that could provide not only the highest quality construction services for residential villas, including pools and landscaping, but also award-winning design services to provide its clients with an unparalleled experience and end product.

Bruno speaks with passion about the process of design: “It is my privilege to be able to design a true home for each of our patrons, understand their cultural backgrounds, understand the way they interact with their family members, the way they interact with food, the way they interact with media and then translate that onto paper into a fluid personalised architectural layout representing the way they experience the world around them.”

With a multitude of luxury Design + Build projects in full construction spread all around the Dubai area from Dubai Hills to Pearl Jumeirah the next big step in the BG adventure was branded boutique developments. Bruno anticipates the future unique development projects that BG is spearheading with eagerness and excitement, as he and his colleagues continue their drive to break limits and create new standards for Design + Build.