Govind Shepley is the creative Director of TwentyOne06, where he has created 11 great projects in the last year. He’s more than just a creative director; he’s the driving force behind making dreams a reality. Govind’s secret ingredient? It’s not just his creative genius; it’s also his ability to incorporate statistics into the mix. He understands that emotion and passion are at the heart of every design. So, equipped with a data-driven strategy, he and his team go deep into study. The end-result? Solutions that are not just visually appealing but also make business sense.

But Govind’s influence extends beyond design. He’s like the company’s principles’ defender, making harsh decisions and turning down initiatives that don’t suit the culture. It’s not just about revenues for him; it’s about allowing the brand to soar without any needless baggage.

In terms of dedication, Govind is all about looking out for his squad. He acts as a buffer against burnout and unrealistic deadlines, fostering an environment in which passion thrives. Furthermore, he is always on the client’s side, ensuring that they receive a design staff that is entirely devoted to their success.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we have successfully executed 16 projects throughout the year. Each project serves as a testament to our steadfast commitment to not only meet but consistently surpass the expectations of our esteemed clients.

“Our unwavering dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering exceptional results have positioned us as preferred partners for esteemed figures in the culinary world. We had the honour of working together with famous chef Rief Othman to create three distinct dining locations, where we not only developed their logo but also precisely designed their interior themes, says Govind.

“Furthermore, our demonstrated expertise has garnered the attention of global industry giants, including Marriott, who have entrusted us with the revitalisation of several of their legacy establishments. This prestigious collaboration has further fortified our standing as a highly sought-after design agency within the industry,” Govind adds.

At the heart of REIF’S DESIGN is the appealing live cooking theatre, a mesmerising vision that immerses customers in the intriguing realm of culinary artistry.

The success of their endeavours has allowed them to grow their outstanding crew. They have welcomed six new successful individuals who bring to our organisation a lot of innovation and skill. Furthermore, we are looking forward to the arrival of two more qualified experts who will contribute considerably to TwentyOne06’s continuous growth and success.

Next year’s plans are jam-packed with great potential for TwentyOne06 and organisational growth. With our client portfolio quickly expanding, we’re poised to broaden our horizons and make a substantial effect in a variety of global regions. They’ve successfully closed contracts for various projects in Asia, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia, demonstrating our consistent advancement on the global stage.

One particularly exciting endeavour on the horizon is our collaboration with a well-established UK-based company with a 35-year track record. They came to us because of our unrivalled work quality and our distinct information and data design style. This collaboration is more than just a collaboration; it is a portal to tremendous progress and advancement.

Govind and his team’s ultimate goal is to seamlessly combine the assets of both companies, allowing them to develop a dominant position in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia regions on behalf of their renowned partner. The ambition of their united efforts spurs them forward, convinced that by working together, they can make a lasting impact on a global scale.

The observatory – Marriott; L’amie, a French Mediterranean restaurant; Pitfire Pizza; Nama Yoso, a Japanese dining concept; MTN office; three high-end villas; and more are among their forthcoming projects.