With 19 years of architectural expertise, Ignacio Gómez has established himself as a leading design architect in the Middle East. His remarkable portfolio and unique approach garnered him regonition, with projects ranging from master planning to hotel, leisure, residential, cultural, and transportation.

Ignacio is a true believer in storytelling; creating project specific narratives, which generate designs that both moves and captivates. His unique approach and designs, celebrated for their excellence and innovation, have earned him numerous awards, including the Young Architect of the Year title at the Middle East Architect Awards in 2010, Cityscape Global Award in 2011 for the Diplomatic Quarter Celebration Hall, the Red Sea Riviera Master Plan, which was awarded Best Residential Project of the Year at the Middle East Architect Awards in 2010, the Best Hospitality Project award for The Chedi Khorfakkan at the Middle East Architect Awards in 2012, Architect of the Year 2019 at Design Middle East Awards and Architect of the Year at the Architecture Leaders Awards 2022, to name a few.

TROJENA SKI VILLAGE is one of Aedas’ exciting new projects for NEOM, which reinforces their design strengths. The development is sculpted to respond to the natural topography resulting in a cascading program that connects across multiple levels. In order to create a new relationship between the built environment and landscape, the program is elevated, opening up the ground floor and activating the roof has sandwiched the building between two landscapes.

Since Ignacio was appointed Global Design Principal, Aedas has enjoyed exceptional growth in the Middle East under his innovative leadership. His outstanding understanding of client expectations originates from his conviction that meaningful connections with clients are the foundation of project success. The strategy is based on developing a captivating plot based on a deep grasp of the project’s purpose and objectives. He employs cutting-edge technologies to expand the boundaries of what is possible in architecture; this mix of elements identifies Aedas as a Middle Eastern architectural force.

Aedas, an internationally known architectural firm with a global footprint that includes the Middle East, focusses a major emphasis on designing architecture that blends perfectly with the neighbourhood. The company is dedicated to achieving design excellence, as evidenced by their innovative innovations. They deeply acknowledge the distinctive cultural, historical, and environmental aspects of the location, and their design approach is centered on incorporating and honouring these unique factors.

The project will be operated by LXR Hotels The village offers hotels, commercial, entertainment, sports facilities, and residential accommodation, which includes exclusive operators from the Ennismore Group such as Morgans Original and 25hours hotels. There are multiple interconnecting courtyard spaces which provide an improved microclimate within the confines.

Ignacio’s commitment extends beyond design; he aims to create lasting impacts in both architecture and the region. He dedicates his efforts to mentoring young local architects, encouraging them to think creatively and explore new ideas. Additionally, he has invested time in publishing books to contribute to the Middle East’s cultural scene, bridging the gap between architecture and the public. Aedas Middle East stands out for its core belief in supporting local talent, ensuring a deep understanding of regional nuances and a strong bond with the communities they engage with.

The Aedas team, made up of great local talent, takes a fresh and modern approach. They remain on top of design trends and advancements.They inject a dynamic and lively spirit into their projects by incorporating modern design principles, producing a strong connection with everyone.