Joe Tabet is a true visionary in the architectural and construction industries, with a career spanning more than two decades. He launched JT+Partners in 2015, with a small team that has now grown into a powerhouse with over 100 people across multiple geographies. Joe’s resilience and forward-thinking approach have been critical in directing his company through economic downturns and pandemic challenges, propelling it to unprecedented heights and garnering him recognition as a prominent international consultant.

JT+Partners recently expanded its geographical reach with new offices in Abu Dhabi and Beirut, strategically tapping into the vast talent pool these regions provide. Joe’s appreciation for a multicultural workforce is evident in the composition of his team, representing 17 different countries. This diversity is not merely symbolic; it’s a driving force behind JT+Partners’ innovative design approach and strategic business objectives.

SHAKHBOUT CITY COMMUNITY MARKET ABU DHABI, UAE A community market in Shakhbout City in Abu Dhabi, offering the surrounding community high quality convenient stores inclusive of hypermarket, convenient retail, F&B outlets, and community facilities. The project aims at providing integrated services to meet the needs of Shakhbout City. The project supports the vision to enhance the quality of life. The centre is designed around a central node to link the surrounding community within the different clusters. The main courtyard offers open to sky landscaped area providing a contemporary and sustainable environment for its residents and visitors.

Central to Joe’s philosophy is a profound commitment to sustainability, both environmental and social. JT+Partners is known around the world for delivering outstanding projects with a focus on sustainability. Joe actively engages in advocacy efforts to raise awareness about the imperative of constructing sustainable communities. Furthermore, he prioritises the well-being of his employees, conducting business with ethical integrity, and actively supporting charity organisations.

In addition to these efforts, Joe is at the forefront of architectural innovation. His designs not only captivate aesthetically but also push the boundaries of what is possible. His approach to architecture, which incorporates cutting-edge technologies and unusual approaches, demonstrates his dedication to the advancement of the discipline. Joe’s commitment to innovation extends beyond the design process; he is always exploring and implementing novel solutions in the business and management parts of JT+Partners.

Beyond his achievements in the corporate realm, he is a regular at international industry events. His participation at university lectures and panel discussions demonstrates his dedication to developing the future generation of architects. Joe’s innovative management skills are transforming the architecture industry’s direction, offering a future defined by excellence and forward-thinking practices.

Joe serves as a beacon of inspiration in a world where the intersection of sustainability and innovation is critical, guiding JT+Partners into a future where architectural brilliance and environmental conscience coexist together.